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  1. It's not part of the CPZ. .. so is the "parked on a restricted street..." bit only meant for CPZ violations and not for parking on a yellow line?
  2. Thanks for the reply... I said prettymuch that - fair enough it was issued but please cancel it as I was just inside picking someone up to take them to A&E, and the signage is unclear anyway. (don't have a copy of what I sent to hand) SE13 5JD .. it's just off hither green road which according to http://www.lewisham.gov.uk/NR/rdonlyres/A2EBF1CD-8EB1-4165-8A8A-491604841F64/0/HitherGreenEastCPZDetailsFormsNov07.pdf this isn't in a CPZ - I've parked further down the street many times without problems (well, apart from having my motorbike nicked, but that's another story!)
  3. Wasn't sure how much to blank out as I'm sure they could guess who I am from this, or if that matters... Here's the PCN... http://up2.it/katym609/pcn.png Here's the letter I got, dated 29th oct, rec'd on monday (yeah, I probably should have dealt with this earlier in the week!): http://up2.it/katym609/pcnletter.png Sorry I don't have pics of the markings - I'll see if I can get my friend to take some pics.... the yellow line goes from the T junction with another road up to just after this lamppost pictured above which I was parked directly in front of - there was a car parked over the end of the line at the time so didn't realise the line stopped before most of the parked cars there. Thanks.
  4. I received a parking ticket after waiting for too long on a single yellow line - the signage was a bit vague and took a bit longer than I expected to carry my friend upstairs (picking up for a hospital visit). Directly in front of this lamppost, half on the kerb as it says but on a single yellow... I wasn't causing any obstruction but I'm guessing I was probably officially in the wrong - "Parked on a restricted street during perscribed hours" apparently. Anyway.. I wrote a letter the same day asking if they could let me off and didn't hear back for 1.5 months until now I have a reply to my letter saying that I've not made the case for cancellation (looks very mailmatched standard letter) That seems to be too long for a reply and also I've not got the 'Notice to owner' they say I should have after 28 days. Should I pay up now as it's £60, or just wait until they send something else and then complain and possibly end up paying £120?
  5. There was a maximum amount which I think they increased a couple of times. Rather strange sort of loan that once I had paid off the minimum amount, they'd let me withdraw it again the next day (apart from the interest) Are you obliged to give them a tenner for statement of account?
  6. I found a letter from cahoot that says the debt has been 'referred to' Equidebt, so it's a little difficult to say. That also means that cahoot did actually respond to one of my letters which I though they hadn't. I'll write to debt managers and get them to get cahoot to write to me with an explanation of it all and give me a readable cca, but if they want some money, they'll have to look elsewhere; can't have what isn't there!
  7. Yes, it all seems very strange - I shall have to dig out the letters, but from what I remember Equidebt had bought the debt, but now Debt managers are saying they are acting on behalf of Cahoot.
  8. Thanks... looks like the CCA is good then (well, bad for me!) Interesting that it was equidebt that had originally contacted me regarding this loan but had stopped responding till months later I hear from the new dca who have eventually been able to provide the agreement.
  9. thanks. http://up2.it/katym609/cca/ccapage1.png http://up2.it/katym609/cca/ccapage2.png looks like it was faxed to them. On one of my letters to the bank with an offer I made before the DCAs got involved I had told them to reply within 14 days or I will consider the account closed - I'm guessing they can have safely ignored that?
  10. About 2 years ago I stopped paying off my cccs and wrote to my banks with full and final offers. One didn't respond so I wrote again. I received a letter from a company who said they'd bought the debt so I CCA'd them and wrote to the original bank to confirm.... no response from either. I then got a letter in may from a different DCA who I then CCA'd and heard nothing till last week I got a copy of the agreement and now they are asking me to pay in full... which I can't and won't do. I was thinking of writing to them to make an offer, but feel that they haven't acted correctly here so wondered if there are any rules/acts they have broken that I can quote to them? Thanks.
  11. Thanks. I didn't provide this address... I've always used my old address with mail forwarding to get to me. They sent the letter here claiming they had bought a debt from the original bank and so I wrote and asked them to prove it (and CCA) They say they have only bought the 1 loan, but the bank have given them all statements from 2 loans, a credit card and a current account, which they have sent to me even though I didn't request any statements!
  12. If a CCA request to a DCA about a purchased debt is responded to 3 months later with all the statements from all accounts the original bank (not just the loan they are claiming for) .... have the original bank broken the data protection act? ...especially as the DCA are writing to a different address than that on the statements. I know they still can't enforce as they haven't provided the credit agreement, but I feel the originating bank have acted incorrectly.
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