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  1. Hi all could do with some advise please, I am being harassed by Bristow & Sutor, they have 3 liability orders for outstanding council tax ranging from £29 to current year £910. I have ignored all contact from Bristow & Sutor, but I did make an arrangement with the council last month. they passed the details of this arrangement to Bristow & Sutor, who emailed me acknowledging this arrangement. I have kept to the arrangement and make payments due as arranged, but I paid directly onto councils online payments. now I am getting emails and letters
  2. hi all between my wife and i we have had 3 loans off welcome finance. i believe all 3 of these loans had ppi monthly payments added to the loan payments, but i cannot find any of the paperwork relating to these loans. they all date back several years (around 2000-2003) is it possible for me to claim back the ppi without knowing the account details, and if so how would i go about it? cheers Mick
  3. Hi all, I was hoping to get some advice about how I should proceed with STW and a dispute that I have with them. Last year (2010) I asked STW to fit a water meter to my property, I could not remember the exact date, but I had an idea that it was sometime between June and September. when I made this request I was informed that I could revert back to rateable value bills if I choose, I was advised that I could do this revert anytime within 12 months or within 30 days of me receiving (note they used the wording"you RECEIVE") my 2nd metered bill. Therefore AFTER I had an opportuni
  4. hi all 8 months since i had any hassle from these clowns... until today i received a letter from a company called Cabot this is the front of that letter http://i904.photobucket.com/albums/ac242/MickMackPaddyWack/09072010197.jpg and this is the back http://i904.photobucket.com/albums/ac242/MickMackPaddyWack/09072010198.jpg enclosed with the above letter was also a photocopy of a letter addressed to me allegedly from vanquis (which i have never seen before) that letter is here http://i904.photobucket.com/albums/ac242/MickMackPaddyWack/09072010200.jpg am i cor
  5. to admin... thankyou for amending the last word in my post, i do understand the reasons, however i do believe my original word was the correct one.
  6. hi all, i have also had an exact copy of this letter last week, i also have the same T&C's as beach posted (v9), but im my case they are not printed on the reverse, i have 5 sheets of A4, all blank on the reverse. (my thread is here to see them) http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/capital-one/208671-being-harrased-capital-one.html as with you, these terms bear no resemblance to the last lot of T&C's i was sent, and also refere to £20 fee's, where as previous T&C's said £12. i have heard a couple of people now mention Crapital ones "creative dept" and the sugestion t
  7. Hi all, i had the following letter from capital one today and it enclosed a copy of my signed CA. and they included this.... and these "terms & conditions" so capital one have sent me a copy of the signed credit agreement, but i dont think it has the required prescribed terms. any advise anyone?
  8. hi again all, i have had a response from capital one to my "harrasment by telephone" letter i sent them. i imagine it is the same as many others, "we have an obligation to contact you..." "trying to speak to you to see why you have failed to bring account up to date...". " sorry you feel these calls are harrasment as this was never our intention..." (ohh you little liar, the calls are intended to exactly that, intimidate me into paying back an unenforcable debt) "we use an automatic telephone system..."."calls will continue until..." you submit. "once you have made a payment agre
  9. Hi again, i have received 2 letters today, the 1st was from Capitol One and is a "statement of default" informing me that i am now in default and their agents will be contacting me shortly. and in the same post a letter from Debitas informing me that capital one have instucted them to collect the alleged debt. i have drafted the following reply to Debitas... ACCOUNT IN DISPUTE Date: **th August, 2009 Dear Sir or Madam, Account number: **************** Your reference ******
  10. hi all i have now recieved a letter from a company called impact (vanquis's in-house collection??) inviting me to contact them and make an offer of monthly installments. it says that interest and charges will be frozen if i make this agreement. i am concerned that because i took this card out after the new regs came in that i will come unstuck if i don't sort it now. as mentioned above, the reply i had to CCA request was a blank application form and some terms & conditions. any advise as to whether i should try and form an agreement with them as offered in this latest letter? Ch
  11. can anyone point me in the direction of a template for the account in dispute letter cheers mick
  12. can anyone point me to the list of letter templates please, i cant find them
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