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  1. section 165 road traffic act. the answer is No if its on the public highway it must have tax test and insurance
  2. join car mechanics forum the boys on there will help you out. just let them know soots sent you;)
  3. aint paying it at all. all they years have past and they letter me for £25. And have you seen the hours there call centre is open, no wonder were a country in debt. 2100 hrs 5 nights a week and open 9-5 sat and sun.
  4. I have a barclays account with a few hundred quid in it. The account was frozen at time of sequestration (scotland). I still receive statments for the account showing balance. I have tried my card and doesnt work. Ben to branch and been told account frozen. Been on the phone to barclays but end up at a eastern call centre where no one can uunderstand me. Sequestration was discharged last year and the accountant and bankrupcy said the funds should be released. However trying to coontact the right person at barclays is a nightmare. Has anyone any pointers
  5. Got a letter yesterday from the Department of work and pensions. Over paid benefit of £25.14 to be repaid. Phoned the dept managment centre bearing in mind the last time I was unemployed was 1998. Yes, I was over paid benefit September 1998 when I signed off to start work. They would like the money back. I said "blow me":razz:
  6. I recentley went into sequestration. I had a bank account with barclays which they promptly closed and snaffled up the pitance of a balance. Now, I dont have a bank account. Now the wages get paid into the wifes bank (bad idea) I tried to open an account with the local bank (airdrie savings bank) and was knocked back. I just want an account that will take my wages and pay a few direct debits. Surely there must be one I can use without credit facilitys???
  7. Has anyone tried to phone acas. 1 hour on the phone still didnt get thro!! I think now it could be constructive dismissal!
  8. Thanks for that will make the call tomorrow. We dont have any contracts the company has been going 3 years now and no one has a contract. Another legal stumble I think!! Can only see me waiting for job seekers allowance next week
  9. I work for a haulage company. I have worked there for a year. Most have been there 2 years. We work 40 hrs before overtime kicks in. So we mostly work mon-fri 10hrs a day so overtime starts on fridays at time and half. Last Friday we were informed without consultation or any notice that we would now work 45 hrs before overtime and we would have 2 1/2 hours deducted for meal breaks. So this is the first blow Today we were handed a letter to sign before Monday stating that due to the credit crunch our employer is finding things tight. We will now be paid on the basis of what the lorry makes. So the crunch now is we dont have an houtly rate. We get 20% of what the lorry makes, thats after the deduction for fuel and wear and tear. If we breakdown we will be paid at minimum wage for the duration of our breakdown. Or if we are on a time hire we will be paid for hours that are signed. Our work is tippers, construction work ie muck shifting. The building game is gubbed now. How do we stand legaly with this issue?? No consultation, no contracts of employment, no union, in the long run no wage!!! And our employer is the type just to close the door and hunt the lot of us!
  10. With the current vredit crunch were finding things hard. We need our car with 3 kids and living in the country. The cars on finance never missed payment had it 6 mths. What can I do to get the payments reduced without upsetting my credit scoring. Thanks in advance
  11. sorry just found the masive link on another page twit that I am
  12. I have a Virgin Media account and T-Mobile account. I pay them both everyweek by internet payments to avoid having bills or direct debts missed. When the bill or statments come through I usually have the bill paid and am in credit by £10-20. I have just noticed on my statement that they are charging me £5 per month for paying in advance and not using there direct debit system. They have my money in advance and never need contact me for late or missed payments. What should I do thats £60 each per year
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