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  1. Sorry to hyjack this thread does anyone have the bank details for quickquid i'm trying to mak payments to them also they are making it difficult
  2. I took a motgage out last year with Kensington - early this year mine was also transferred to Derbyshire Home Loans Ltd - i got my solicitor to investigate - they told me it is normal practice for Kensington to sell off mortgages this is how the keep their finances going they will select 100 accounts at a time and sell them off to free up cash for supplying more mortgages. I noticed in the terms and conditions for Derbyshire Home Loans they are not very leanient for giving holiday periods on payments - also if you are more than 2 weeks late with a payment they will proceed with a pocession order also their are charges that will be incurred for every day you are late with your payment (be very careful) i have another mortgage with Bank of Scotland (on a buy to let) totally differant attitude i can miss upto 6 months of payments if i require with no penanlties great company.
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