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  1. Hi there I purchased a suite in Jan 2005, it was delivered in the Feb. After only a few months I noticed that the colour would wipe off with a damp cloth. I contacted the Glasgow store about this and a service manager came out to see it. After his visit, during which he managed to wipe half the colour off my suite, I recieved a phone call to go back into the store to pick another suite. When I arrived I was told that they knew about there had been a problem with this suite in the colour I had picked, well not seeing any other suite I liked that cost the same as the origional (cos I was told if it cost more I'd have to pay the difference!!) I askde if I could have the same suite but in a different colour. I was assured that it was only my origional there had been problems with so the order was placed. I recieved the new suite in Dec 2005 and now not even 2 years later the same thing is happening:-x . Guess what all I have been offered is a recolour!! Well I have written them a steaming letter because the manager keeps telling me on the phone that a recolour is all I'm entitled to, and that a refund won't be happening. We'll see about that I'm prepared to take it as far as I have to in order to get a satisfactory result:x . Any advice would be more than welcome though
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