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  1. Hi -

    It sounds like we have a similar problem. How did you get HSBC to send you copies of your old statements? I am trying to get GE Capital to send me my statements from 2002-2004. Since they sold my account to a debt collector, they are telling me that I need to contact them to get this information. See my posting from GESucks.




  2. Can anyone tell me how I can get GE Capital to send me copies of my credit card statements? They say that my credit card went into deliquency and then sold to a debt collector. I wrote the "appropriate" department at GE and they responded by sending me to the debt collector. Is this within my rights to ask for copies of credit card statements? And if so, who is responsible to give them to me....the origial loan holder (GE Capital) or the debt collector who currently owns the debt (Resurgent Capital)?


    Thanks for the help!



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