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  1. Sorry, sweets - I've been offered a silly amount of money to write this course. But it has to be done this weekend. And Mr JagMan is putting a big smile on my face with his recent attention.
  2. Well, in my case - nothing - I can't think of anything that would encourage me to install it. I've never needed to bother with a Boolean search on threads, if I'm not on CAG I'm too busy to care about instantly being told about messages (and, anyway, one can turn on one's emails so that one gets alerted to that) ... and, generally, I can find my way around the site quickly and easily on my own. But that question was not really aimed at me, was it? What features would members like to see?
  3. Hi all I'm sure you've noticed that I've not been around recently. That's coz my real life has taken over and I've had no time for a virtual life. So I'm sure it will come as no surprise to you all when you hear that I don't have the time to take this weekend off. I've got a couple of new lecturing contracts, got lectures to write ... and my new man to look after. I'm sure it's more au revoir than adieu, but I'm so busy at the moment I have no time to do other than teach, write, and post to my academic forums. Have a great time, y'all xx
  4. Thanks for the invite, Barra - I've joined this group. I think this is a wonderful campaign. I, for one, am looking forward to making many of the carrots into a wholesome soup and filling the cups of all the poor unfortunates who sit on the streets of Glasgow - so much better than giving them money, don't you think? Thanks for bringing this important issue to our attention.
  5. Lol! See, this is just the kind of confusion I tried to divert by my clarification in my original post. Now, if I were saying what you are all very naughtily attributing to me, I'd say I'd have him any way he was offered to me. But that would be to misread everything I've been saying.
  6. lol dave All paint up here is flame resistant, I think, as it just does not dry in the first place. I'll cite my front door as empirical evidence - glossed yesterday morning, still wet the now.
  7. You should look at the contract that you signed when you went into halls. Also, look at what you signed when you registered at your Uni. Hard to say without knowing this.
  8. Nah - I was asking webby, really - at first glance it looks as if everything I want to do I can already do on my own without yet another tool bar. I was wanting him to sell it to me. And your avatar makes me feel ill - I'd rather not have to keep looking at it. No offence - but it's really annoying.
  9. Fantastic SSL. Thanks for doing this. (Hope I don't get CAGbotted again just for posting like this - thought that was a bit out of order the last time!)
  10. ARghhh - kid friendly - that's not my idea of a CAG meet!
  11. Chuck it at them konakona. Good to see you fighting.
  12. Hey conalot Good to see you back. And yes, Kat, I have no doubt you could.
  13. In the literature there are many concepts of god. Barra is mine. (whoops - I mean he matches my concept of god, not that I own him!)
  14. And they are so easy to see off once folk come here and learn the ropes. I got a call today from a DCA over an OC who is being naughty. Once I'd have been scared. Today I enjoyed it.
  15. Lol And there was me thinking that we were the human beings, and they were the ... [won't say, as no desire to be CAGbotted].
  16. Indeed - big bullies who often back down once faced by CAGgers who know their rights.
  17. Just wondering, btw - who is Mr's lex - how does one make grammatical sense of that? The lex that belongs to the Mr?
  18. Hi indieboyphil It's hard to tell without knowing more about your situation, but it is likely that what you have got is a "phishing" letter - where they just send out a letter to everybody with a similar name to you in the hope that somebody will respond and acknowledge the debt. Yes, hold fast, do not EVER, EVER, phone them, keep all correspondence and post again if you get any more probs. And, if so, feel free to start your own thread - it's easier to answer you and you'll find we are all here to help you.
  19. Hear hear! I'll say no more about how folk, however well meaning, have jobs that just annoy the rest of us. Not that I'd put you in the same bracket as those hounds who search for DCAs, HF, but ... if it walks like a chicken, and clucks like a chicken ... Still, I'm glad you love your job so much.
  20. I jus did a search as MB suggested - only 20 at the moment - and I really do not have a scoobie about any of them. Looks like a lot of folk have been working hard.
  21. Hi too.ticky Well, up to you - but I'd wait. If and when they do contact you you can send the stat barred letter and, if they start hitting you with payments from your account, SAR them to ask about any unfair charges they might be adding. They can still sell this to a DCA. In this case the DCA will probably add charges. However, if this is a stat barred debt, the DCA has no leg to stand on as long as you do not acknowledge the debt in writing. They are just phishing in the wind. Again, there is a process for contesting this. You might find it best to start your own thread with regard to this so that we can see how you are getting on without it getting confused with other folk's problems. Best, HC
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