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  1. Just wanted to say that regardless of any government initiatives theres no real help when your hours are cut or your inand out of work when youre self employed because of the recession Ive sent letters to the Cheltenham & Gloucester an income and expenditure form but at the end of the day they are not interested wont entertain a payment holiday An interest only mortgage will only make a difference of £200 per month and they still want the arrears clearing at the same time so there wont be much difference So after all that Ive not got anywhere Sorry to go on but Im absolutely fed
  2. Thought Id let you know that Ive heard from the building societyThey are prepared to drop the payment by £200 per month but it now going to litigation as they are refusing to add the arrears on the end of the mortgage
  3. Yes thank you Ell-enn it is appreciated the help and support Ive been given
  4. Hi Ell-enn they received the letter today so hoping this will be sorted out and that letter will do the trick easy to goi n to a tailspin when youve got problems
  5. I meant for the reply their getting a bit heavy now the building society but have asked them for help before so dont understand it really thought theyd be a bit more helpful new govenment initiative and all that
  6. Hi Ell_enn Theyve not given me another address for them so I think its the same Theyve also added a £206 administration fee to the account Thanks fot the quick reply
  7. Hi Didnt expect to be on here quite so soon but received another letter this morning that the account has been passed to the recoveries department and from now on I should write to them as they are saying legal action will start in15 business days Im pretty worried now and dont know what to do Any advice or help please?
  8. Thanks again both of you for all your help Just hope something can be sorted out as its an awful situation to be in Will send the letter off and take it from there
  9. Thanks for the replies I would like to ask them how much they could reduce the present payments by if the mortgage is left as it is and also how much would the payments be if it was switched to an interest only Would the arrears be able to be added to the mortgage at all as you suggested I did ask them in my letter if they could help by reducing the payments at all or maybe give us a payment break but they have not answered that Thanks again everyone for your help
  10. Thank you Ell-enn Could I please take you up on the offer of help to construct the letter
  11. Thanks for the quick reply Sorry forgot to mention that its a repayment mortgage Would it be better do you think do contact them in a letter as they are not being too helpful at the moment
  12. Im self employed in the building trade which has been decimated in the recession The work has has not been regular as it used to be I wrote to Cheltenham & Gloucester B Soc asking for help They sent me an income and expenditure form which I sent back to them recorded delivery Ive received a letter this morning they said they have not received the income and expenditure form I now have arrears of approx £8000.00 going back to two years ago when the recession first started They want the arrears paying within 7 days but are prepared to come to an amicable agreement I wrote a couple of m
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