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  1. Judging from the queues outside every branch of Northern Rock over the past two days, Northern Rock may suddenly find a dearth of customers and turn into a Northern Pebble.
  2. I'm thinking of using Simon Armitage's signature on something vengeful. But I know the best revenge is making Clownells lose. FYI, there are four Simon Armitages listed in Leeds. One of them is the Customer Contact Manager. And probably has lizard skin and yellow eyes.
  3. "Clownells" is slang / vernacular for "Lowells", a debt collection agency. If they've offered your husband a payment deal, he must've contacted them and confirmed where he lives currently. The DCA could very well be chancing their luck.... Incidentally, does your husband have a particularly common name eg., John Robinson, Peter Davis, James Smith etc...?
  4. After all this nastiness, would you really want to give them your business? The point is worth arguing but it would probably be better to take your money elsewhere.
  5. Will be watching your case like a hawk. Seems you are a few steps ahead of me into getting on the LowLife/Clownell christmas card list. No signatures. Check. But when should one acknowledge the ****? Anyway. Off to calm down by de-fleaing my cat.
  6. "Shall we organise a CAG bus up to Birmingham to formally congratulate the winners?" Sod the bus...we should get a nationwide campaign up / down there. Consumer Action Groups go postal on the debt collectors...I could even get a wee television crew for support. We could organise our own awards outside...or possibly something even more interesting.... What debt collectors probably understand but don't take seriously is that their victims come from all walks of life and you really shouldn't get us angry.
  7. How horrid.... How do they sleep at night...? I am almost 100% sure this pertains to an overdraft (unavoidable as a student). Does that still fall under the 6 year limit or is it 12 years?
  8. Diskmandave -- As for the CCJ point...not to my knowledge. Don't think there is one. If there is, it would've cropped up on my financial report. It didn't. This debt isn't even on my financial report anymore. It wasn't even on there last year when I went to apply (and got) a very nice mortgage. Incidentally, I would like to name and shame a very useless 'mortgage broker' who fleeced me (a then first time buyer) out of £500. He also made me lose a very good deal on a flat due to his fannying about...he then tried to blame the vendor / estate agent / me / anyone else except for himself...and had the cheek to ring up months later asking me to give him a recommendation. Another forum, another time. There's so much financial anger in me, I hate greedy b*tards....
  9. Thank you so much guys.... What happens if / when I get another letter? Essentially, when shall I acknowledge their existence via the statute letter? So many questions.... Why do these firms exist? Is it even legal for them to do this? Why do they suddenly pounce after or near the end of a 6 year period...they sound like corporate chancers to me...ones who rely on scaring people into paying up to something they no longer owe.
  10. I've just rec'd my first letters from Lowells. They sent me two individual letters with two consecutive reference numbers. They both refer to an address I lived in as a student for around 10 months in 1998/1999. I assume they refer to a debt to the then named Midland Bank (now HSBC). But as a student with absolutely no money, I went off and got another bank account elsewhere. The address and the account is well over the 'six year' period everyone talks about but last year, I bought my first house on a mortgage and I'm worried this could really screw up my chances of being able to move. I remember making some sort of payment agreement to Midland at the time but also remember I stopped paying it when I started living on peanut butter and bread. The letters read: "We are trying to contact you regarding the address of xxxxxxx. We have recently been supplied information that suggests you previously resided there. It would be appreciated if you would contact us immediately on the telephone number provided below to confirm the update to your address details. If we do not hear from you we will assume the information to be correst and update our systems accordingly. We look forward to hearing from you and thank you for your cooperation in this matter." At the bottom of the letter, they have attached a handy payment slip. What do the consecutive reference numbers mean? Do two letters mean I have two debts...I can only recall one. How did they find me? The letters make no reference to a debt but I don't want to contact them just in case. It seems a bit off that they'll just "update their systems accordingly" if I don't contact them. Should I contact them? And what is the best course of action? Thanks. Although I'm technically an adult these days with an adult salary, I also have adult bills and adult debts and am not in the financial position to take on another.
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