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  1. Hello All I hope somebody can give me some advice on how to return my life to normal. (This is my first post so if I am posting in a way that I should not please let me know.) I currently have three defaults, the one is due to drop off at the beginning of June 08 so my thought process is to let this run its course. The other two seem to be more of a bigger problem. They are both for the same debt (Is this legal?) The first is with vodaphone (ex singlepoint) and marked as satisfied for 57 the second is with 1st credit and marked as satisfied for £72. Vodaphone are refusing to remove the default even though I never recieved the default notice and first credit have the cheek to tell me that the debt is still outstanding and that thier client are unable to provide a copy of the agreement or statements.. On top of this I have today found a final statement from singlepoint with a £25 credit on. I have read through countless pages of wonderful advice from all you brilliant poeple out there and understand that I now need to request a S.A.R, however my real question is do you think I have a solid case to pursue. Desperatly need to get a mortgage this year and do not want to go down the sub prime route. Any advice would be gratefully appreciated. bman. ps sorry again if this post is in the wrong place or inappropriate.
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