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  1. so plead guilty? Ive never been to court or got in trouble in my life...what do you think will happen? Im scared to death
  2. failure yo notify change of keeper
  3. Hi desperately need advice as im in court in three hours My car got repossed by logbook loans last September, inside the car there was all the information, log book v5 etc... Since getting the car repoed I have since moved... Only yesterday I had recieved a court summons for today posted to my old address and forwarded on to me by the new residents to my place of work... As far as I was concerned logbook loans had done everything when selllng the car at auction etc with the dvla and Ive tried not to think anything of it... I tried to speak to the dvla yesterday they we
  4. Hi Im seeking some advice Im very lost and dont know what to do In September 2010 I lost my car after being on the sick I could not afford the repayments on the loan I had taken in December 2009. Log book loans turned up and repossed my car...I was gutted but didnt know what to do... just previously I have recieved a letter from the dvla saying that they are taking me to court for not changing the name of the registered keeper... but if Im still the legal keeper why have I lost the car??? Im really confused and dont know what to do... I suffer real depression and could
  5. help help help I was so desperate and stupid last Christmas I took out a log book loan on my car for £1000. I was paying roughly £38.00 a week for 78 weeks Unfortunately Ive been really ill with depresion from may and have fell behind with my repayments. Im now around £400 behind... To stop reposession i need to pay aprox £80 a week which I cannot afford and although i am just now able to pay the minimum of £38 per week they are not accepting my repayment offers. The loan has just been passed to the repossesion team... Im so scared I dont know what to do Plea
  6. Ones Red Debt Collection Agency Two from Lowells and one from Thames Credit Ive never felt so sick and worried...just wish there was this much help years ago when I took the debts out and ran into difficulty.
  7. Should I not even send out the limitations template? Wont ignoring them make matters worse?
  8. Hi Im hoping someone can give me some advice Within the last two weeks I have recieved letters from debt collection agencies for four different outstanding debts that I ran up over 9 years ago whilst at uni. Im at my wits end what to do as I live on my own and struggle as it is. Ive been reading about the limitations act and have prepared some letters based on the templates available but am scared to send them off after reading about some of the tactics these dca's can use. Im also scared by sending them I will make matters worse. Ive checked my credit files with equifax and hav
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