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  1. Make sure you have made those payments. It is not beyond DCAs to show payment being made in order to instigate a claim even though it is SB. If you made payments via your bank then double check statements etc, it could be SB. Don’t take their word for it.
  2. Sense has prevailed after l complained and they are removing the restriction, thanks for the advice.
  3. Hi The BC account is shown as in the closed section of my CRA, it has been closed for over 6 years now and has a nil balance, can they update my file in these circumstances? Cups
  4. Hi I appreciate that, l do want to get rid of it though, shall l challenge them about the fact it is closed etc. Cups
  5. Hi Yes paid off in full, just don’t want to pay the £100 disbursement fee, Land Registry says it costs nothing to remove. Cups
  6. Hi At the time thought they would go for a sale, they were very threatening, all paid now but l just want rid of the restriction. And l don’t want to pay them another penny. This has nearly ruined my marriage and life, but paid off so want to move on. Cups
  7. Hi Been sorting out my debts for some years now. Been paying BC for years, claimed back PPI and got it still there and have now offered that and some other cash to Link as a full and final. Link state they will make a decision but once paid they will report on my credit file. The account is shown as closed, funnily enough the card /acc ref is wrong, but the date for opening is right. It is shown as closed and with a nil balance. The record was last updated on 16/10/2016: which is when Link took it over. I have carries from BC showing they closed the account on 04/04/2000. Can Link report on this account ? If they agree to F and F can they mark up my credit file? I know it was defaulted a long time ago but BC never gave me a CCA, and it is not with any PPI carries either. My main concern is my credit file and having nowt to do with Link anymore. Appreciate any help / advice Cups
  8. Hi I emailed Land Registry, it is a restriction. They state l can apply and it costs nothing, they write to the other side and if they do not respond then it gets removed. I would suggest they have no reason to deny that it is paid in full. They have already had almost 3 x more than the judgement debt, and they lied to get it. I had proof thats what they sent me , which they said was my agreement, was not in existence when it was sent by fax, l did not have an agreement on that day, the fax number was an old dialling code and the fax number was theirs on that day, l said this in court and they just shrugged and said it must be a mistake ? The Family Court Judge just ignored it. They didn’t even say it was a reconstruction, they scanned a copy to of my signature onto another agreement and created a forgery, l know they did that and the court ignored it. I know l should let it go but it still really annoys me. There is a saying “don’t get mad, get even”. I am biding my time but at some point l will get an opportunity, but if l don’t have to then l will not pay that company another penny. To lie in court, and l saw their witness’s face, was bad, when she got caught out, she knew l knew she was lying Cups
  9. Well Land Registry will remove it if l prove l have paid it, so no way am l paying them !
  10. Hi The company (TBI) want £100 to remove the restriction, that is their fee, if l don’t pay it then they won’t remove it. I am going to complain, they breached guidelines anyway as they never sent me yearly statements and charged PJI on the same account , l think this should be charged separate. I cannot believe that they think they can get away with this ? Cups
  11. Thanks Andy, this was back in 2011, either way l am waiting for a response from them to my query.
  12. Hi Been told by Land Registry that the fee to register the restriction was £50, there is no fee to remove it. Strikes me they are trying to fleece me some more, do l have to pay their solicitor fees ? If that is what they want ? Thanks Cups
  13. Hmmmm, Won’t say you’re wrong but as a practitioner, you are in a public place, end of, reasonable force, not a leg to stand on, they can search you but you can insist they do it in public, my point is that you do not have to go into an office, walk further into the shop and start shedding clothes to prove you have no more property, their grounds have gone,,,publicly shame them
  14. Hi They charged £264 for a Charging Order right at the start, once l have received a reply from Land Registry then l will tell them to swivel. I have paid over £20;000 for a £7000 debt and they lied to get it. I now have proof that they did, but l want to get rid of this before l go to the SRA and make a complaint. Sorry to be secret squirrel but l won’t name the DCA at the moment but l will do once l know my position is secure. I hate these DCA’s, in the real world they are guilty of fraud by false representation, but HMCS lets them get away with it because they speak the same faux posh rubbish, and go for drinks together. Rant over, haven’t done it for ages but they engender a fury l cannot fathom Cups
  15. Hi Silver fox is right, when stopped by Security, if you have stolen something you cannot leave but they cannot make you go into an office. I do not condone theft but if you empty your bag of any stolen goods and tell them that is it then you can walk out. I know of a particular store where the security staff are being charged with assault for grabbing hold of people trying to drag them back into the store. I have never shop,iftedbut an alarm went off once as l was leaving a shop, at the same time a young man was walking out who l would imagine was a culprit, l refused to stop and told the guard to stop picking on women and make the effort to stop the more likely suspect, he walked off. I know that is stereo typing but l think it wasn’t an unreasonable assumption. I hope you get help from your GP. Cups
  16. Aaaaah, will check if they did charge it or not ? If they didn’t then l suppose l will have to pay it. Thanks, Cups
  17. Hi, Several years ago l lost a case and got a CCJ, then a charging order was applied for and obtained. Forward to now, just about to pay off the debt and the other party is asking for a fee of £100 for removal of the Charging Order, strikes me that £100 is a bit steep, but they lied in court so £100 is probably nothing to them. Does anyone know where if this is justifiable? I really do not want to give them another penny. Thanks Cups
  18. Just to update, Sainsburys did come back and said l still owed them , the matter is now with FOS, since it went to the FOS they have offloaded it three times, latest is Wescot who are trying it on, but l have told them to get lost
  19. Thanks, not heard from them and not responded, l never did sign anything, they know that too.
  20. Thanks a lot, l thought that was the case, l know they don't have the original because it is too old and l never did apply for the new account, they just transferred it across, l have the DN so they can go whistle, if they do sell it on l will complain to FOS etc,
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