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  1. Hi Just wondering if anyone can help me!!- A bit of background- I started a post graduate course at a uni in 2003 and decided it wasn't for me so left after a term. I came to an arrangement to pay off the fees monthly which I have honored since then- I reduced the payment a few years ago as it was too much but have still paid tham by standing order since then monthly. The solicitors/debt collectors that dealt with my account have just emailed me to see if I am still contactable via my e-mail. I have since moved bought a house etc. I am reluctant to answer it as I am woried that they will try to scare me into paying more money each month but on the other hand I'm worried that they might take me to court if I dont respond. What do you think I should do? Thanks Chloe:violin:
  2. I'm in the same situation- paid off my barclaycard on 23rd feb and it's still not showing (£1000) - pain- they are quick enough to update when the balances increase!
  3. I paid off the full balance of my barclaycard last month and it's still not showing on my credit file- is there any way to hurry them along to update it- me and oh seeing mortgage advisor within the next couple of weeks Grrr Thanks:D
  4. I think the arrangement gets removed once you have paid it off and the account gets marked as settled?? I've just paid my barclaycard off after being on arrangement for a year? I don't know though I'm waiting to find out
  5. Hi all, I've been getting phone calls from these people about my gym membership cancellation- I wrote to la fitness giving a months notice etc and cancelled my direct debit. I think they still have my old address I was a member for about 3 yrs- I've just been avoiding them untill the other day when I answered a call on my mobile- from a mobile number and it was some guy- who was really rude by the way- saying they would take me to court etc. I'm a bit concerned that I didn't send the letter recorded delivery and they did not receive it. Does anyone know what the best way forward is- I don't even know what they are claimimg I owe and I could do without a ccj to be honest. Thanks so much for your help
  6. I thought that I might write to them making a full and final offer of the full balance of £600 if they agree to mark it as satisifed and remove the markers etc- I've not defaulted I'm paying them more than I was before they froze the interest. What a mess! I've tried ringing them before to sort this out and have got nowhere due to the pretty bad barclaycard overseas call centre being really unhelpful!
  7. I know it doesn't look good- My OH has no idea about this either- I'm really panicing about when we go for a mortgage. I did send them a subject access request as I did pay PPI and there are a couple of charges that I can claim back. On my experian file it looks fine but on my equifax one it looks terrible. I feel a right fool for doing this I did'nt think that it would do this much damage! C
  8. Hi, I have a barclaycard account that is currently marked arrangement to pay on my equifax file- the interest is about 1.5% though I am paying more than my minimum payment- I got in t a bit off a mess one month last year as I wasn't paid for some work ,wrote to them so they put me on a payment plan. I have since tried to tell them I can afford to pay etc but they are not responding and my account still says this- argh. Anyway, I think I should be able to scrape together enough to pay this off in full in a couple of months- do you think I should try to get them to remove the AP markers??- I'm also worried because OH and myself are thinking of buying a house next year and my credit rating is rubbish even though everying else on there is fine. Thanks so much!! Chloe
  9. Hi, That happened to me too after survey etc. Turns out there was a payment on my bank statement to the student loans co. when I was late deferring it and they declined me-thinking that I hadn't told them about a payment that was coming out of my account. I then explained that it was a one-off and got it in the end though it was a hastle to sort out. I would speak to your advisor mine was really good at sorting it out- it's probably something like that I wouldn't worry. Hope that helps
  10. The same thing happened to me- if you are paying less than your 'contractual' payment I think they mark it as this. It might be worth sending a CCA request if you haven't already done so- they will have to remove this information if they do not have one I think...
  11. That's great- I will maybe add a bit about subject access request and 40 days as I think they are fobbing me off
  12. Hi- just a quick question- I sent a CCA request to barclaycard in may got back terms and conditions- not what I requested but anyway thought I would send them a SAR because I'm going to claim back all the charges and PPI they have taken and as I'm right in thinking they have to provide a signed aggrement with that?? I've got this letter this morning that reads: "I write further to the letter wherby you note a non receipt of requested documents in relation to a request made under section 77/78 of the consumer credit act 1974. I can confirm that the documents required to complete our obligation to you under section 78 of the consumer credit act 1974 were sent to you on 14/05/09"- Hmmmmm:rolleyes: What should my response be as I have sent them a subject access request??- I don't think they have a signed copy atall:p
  13. Got the post this morning and my CCA from Ge capital bank dorothy perkins has turned up with a letter from CL finance saying sorry for the delay! I have made some payments towards this since christmas when I requested it but it is no longer on my credit file. Will it go back on now? Is there a letter I can write to them- surely 6 months is unacceptable! Thanks Chloe x:confused:
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