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  1. I have already said I'm happy to have to discuss the issue with the complainant and our line manager, this has been offered to the complainant but it has been refused out of hand so i feel there is nothing more i can do until i have my meeting now.
  2. I'm doing my best but this is effecting my private life and making my partner ill also and is all so very unnecessary. I really do hope the company get to grips with it soon and take action once i have been cleared.
  3. I am happy to apologise for what i said but not what they claim i said as i did not say it. I was also spoken to badly by the complainant minutes before the alleged incident and this has been ignored by the company so far. Personally i feel an apology from me to the complainant and from the complainant to me should suffice and the 2 others who have started the rumours and provided the false evidence should face action for this.
  4. Many thanks for the above advice, I have now got a written statement from 1 staff member present confirming that a) the person who claims to be there was not and b) i did not say what was alledged. I also have a audio recording from the other person who was there of his meeting which they have not provided to me again confirming that a) the person who claims to be there was not and b) i did not say what was alledged. I find it very worrying that they have failed to provide me with the minutes from a staff member who completely backs my verson of events and have decided to proceed to di
  5. While I do hope that is the case it is very concerning that I am having a disciplinary where I have been informed it could be classed as gross misconduct and the investigation hasnt gone as far as speaking to the staff present. I have now got a statement from a staff member who was present and hr have accepted a scanned copy of this to be added as evidence.
  6. I have requested the statements from HR from everyone that was present and have been told that they do not exist as some staff have asked not to be involved apparently . That is what I find so strange although there is part of the minutes where the complainant asks someone who was present if he heard anything and his reply was no and the person he was with who wasnt present then verbally informs him that I said what was alledged.
  7. Yes that is correct. However someone who was not there claims to have been and it is his statement being used as proof of the offense.
  8. Hi All I have been called for a disciplinary for alleged racism (completely untrue) and have a few questions. 1.) At my investigative meeting i was simply asked to explain events of day of incident which i did, was then asked if i said something which i said i did not. I was never shown any evidence at all. Today i have received a letter saying its going to disciplinary and shown original complaint and a statement from someone who wasn't present at the time along with my minutes and minutes of complainant. No evidence at all from people who were there at the time of incident. How wou
  9. I work in the security industry in a retail environment. We spend all day walking around same as cleaners, they have been provided new boots and security have not, I am not aware of any changes to our risk assessments so if we previously needed them then I believe we still need them, or we need risk assessments redone to clarify this issue.
  10. If by non contractual you mean not specifically mentioned in my contract then yes it is non contractual. However the contract i currently have does not mention what uniform we receive it just states that it will be replaced yearly so my opinion is that as safety boots were part of my uniform provided to me by the old company surely the new company should also provide them. I will check the risk assessments for site when i return to work. In relation to the "promotion" this is a job i have been doing for 6 months on the agreement that it would lead to a promotion and rise which i have had
  11. Hi all After some advice reference TUPE. Got TUPE'd over 6 months ago and still waiting for new uniform, new company have now decided not to supply safety boots as the previous company did. No mention of being given boots by old company on contract but just wanted to check if its covered under TUPE e.g. old company supplied them so should new company? Also was meant to be getting a promotion as have been doing someone else's job since new company took over now they are dragging there heels over promotion as I have been nominated as spokesman for group grievance due to new company making
  12. "Where a death occurs of an immediate or extremely close family member, you will be granted paid leave of up to 5 days. This can be extended as either paid or unpaid at the discretion of your manager. In respect of the death of a close but not immediate family member you will be granted up to 1 day's compassionate leave either at time of death or for funereal"
  13. They have said i can have 1 day (for funeral) but handbook says up to 5 so had to use holiday entitlement for 2 days too as it was sudden. Boss is just very arsey and threatening in remarks back e.g. HR dont know what there doing, Consider yourself lucky you have a day etc which considering what has happened etc isnt really very nice. Its also very confusing being told 1 thing by HR and another by Team Leader.
  14. Hi Im having an issue with work in relation to my Mother In Law passing away 2 weeks ago. I was advised by HR that i was entitled to 5 days compassionate leave and that i needed to speak to my team leader to authorise it. My team leader wasnt in so i spoke to the other teams Team Leader who had a go at me for speaking to HR and then said that HR dont know what they are talking about and are only there for the bosses benefit. Im so confused about what im meant to do, do i put in a Grieveance about my Team Leader for not following the Handbook and risk losing my job or do i just acce
  15. If you do not contact your Building Insurance regarding the likely claim you may prejudice both your Zurich Warranty claim and your Building Insurance if you undertake works yourself. Ok, from reading the above nowhere does it say you have to contact them before they will proceed or does it even state you HAVE to make a claim on your building insurance. It states you need to INFORM them of a LIKELY claim. You will not know what you are claiming for until after ZURICH have complated their work.
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