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  1. Thank mr fox All I really want is for them to admit it had a fault pay me my money back so I can buy a working computer and get on with my life. Pfffff not much to ask really is it? I keeping the small claims court in mind.
  2. I think I mean the consumer goods act(2015) which states I can get my money back within 30 days. I did suggest damage in transit when they first said the cpu had damage. But then a few hours later I received another email saying ram card and GPU had been damage too. I think they just making it up as they go along to get out of the cost of repair or refund. they are definitely not giving me my money back. I contacted an ombudsman scheme. Because this company does not subscribe to a scheme they cannot help. A good legitimate company would have such a scheme wouldn't they? I phone my bank and they have a backlog of investigations to do. I don't hold out much hope What I don't understand is why have a consumer good act in law and then companies can get away with flaunting it? The computer did not work from day one. It was not fit for purpose. I have evidence of this. But I just can't seem to find anyone to arbitrate on my behalf But thanks for your help any way When I can get access to a computer and printer and find the time I might hard copy everything into mr clad like you suggested
  3. Thank you very much I have written to my bank. I have also sent another letter requesting a refund under consumer credit act. I was within my 30 days. Also the computer was broken on the first day and the subsequent repair did not solve the issue. If I don't get a reply by next week from either I will write to mr Vladimir
  4. They didn't jump out. It looked pretty firm when I sent it back. It was taken out by Dino pc How else would they have seen damage to pins?
  5. Thank you Yes I agree that at first I was fine with the tech support although a bit mad that the computer did not work and I had to wait over the xmas period without a machine. The company appeared to want to help fix the issue at first. Yes this is as factual as it can be. Fact - I did not remove the cpu or cause any damage. Speculation - if I did not remove the cpu the only other person with access to it was the DinoPC technician. Reasonable to assume then that the damage was caused by them removing the cpu. I'm drafting a letter to my bank about chargeback. I'm waiting before sending it for two reasons. One it's hard to do everything on my flipping phone And two I think it's only fair to give them the opportunity to respond to my request about refund me under consumer act. I sent that email yesterday and I await a response. I'm just wondering how long I should wait.
  6. I had a dro a few years ago I can't get any credit and that is a good thing It has taught me to save up and then buy stuff That is what i did. I saved long and hard to buy this computer It took me 12 / 18! months to save up. I paid via visa. I'm sorry for sounding impatient but I'm now stuffed until I save up again. The only way I can get online is by my iPhone so please forgive me if I sound impafient another deadlines and stuff
  7. Thank you Mr Fox The simple fact is that the pc was not fit for purpose from the first day they delivered if. I reported this to them via email with pictures of the broken display I was wondering how long I should wait for a reply to my 20 days under the consumer act letter
  8. Thanks for that Mr King About the title change I was just getting a little worried that the company would be able to indentify the thread and link it with me and be able to guess what I was going to do next form the wonderful advice I have been given here. And if I'm honest I'm a big hater of using "text speak" M8 should be written as mate U should be written as you 1 should should be written as one. I'm a bit obsessive compulsive about that ....OCD Lol I mean laugh out loud. Any way I send the letter that I found on this website to ask about return my money under the 30 days consumer act. I sent it via email so I know they would have received it from today. How long before I expect a reply? Is there a specific time scale I should give the company to respond My 30 days end on the 14th January Because of the Christmas and new year breaks that 30 day went by real quick and most of the time the computer was in its box waiting to be sent back Many thanks
  9. Thank you Yes that is sound advice I have no intention of phoning them again. The technician I spoke to spoke over me was rude and aggressive and he made me cry because he would not listen at all. As I said before there are only two people who know who did that damage. I know I did not remove that cpu and as I live alone the only other person who could have removed the cpu was the technician. He knows the truth. But I'm never going to get any one to believe me. I gues I have lost my £900 a hard lesson to learn What is charge back? Why has the thread title changed? @BankFodder Could you please explain why the tittle of my post has changed? I would be very grateful if you could help me to change it back to its original title which was " I'm worried my consumer goods rights might have been sabotaged " As I only have an iPhone at the moment I can't seem to see the settings to change it back. I'm a bit concerned that it was changed without my knowledge
  10. Thank you Mr Fodder, I have already sent a letter asking if they will refund my money in full and quoting the consumer credit act. Who decides this? I have all the email correspondence from the company that told me to open the case on the computer and I even asked at one point if doing so would void the warranty. I took their advice because they were technical support and I trusted them to help me fix the problem. I'm guessing I have already lost that money. But what need to be highlighted is the despicable behaviour of the technician I know I did not damage that machine but I can't prove it. There are only two people who know the truth about the damage caused to that machine but I can't prove it . I have one photo of the machine in tact before I sent it back. However because the technician now has the machine I am wide open to anything he wished to do it and then photo it and blame me. What a stupid vulnerable and nieve position i am in. By the way what is the relevance of you comment " you have been here since 2007" The company is DinoPC Sorry I meant to say who decides if I lose my claim under the consumer credit act? With a purchase like a computer it is not so easy to say hay it does not work as expected. Please take it back. The company would not take it back until I had tried all their troubleshoot advice. They asked me to open the case to check if cable have come loose in transit. They asked me to do simple checks on the hard ware All these problems could have happened in transit. They will change me the money for collection and return if I just sent it back and there was no problem. So you are pressured into trying the troubleshooting advice.
  11. Sorry for the bad post It really difficult as I only have my iPhone to connect to the internet I was just wondering where the onus proof lays in regards to the consumer credit act. I'm certain the company will say I caused the damage. Moreover I paid extra money for an extended warranty will they try to tell me this extra £160 is non refundable
  12. Hi I hope I am posting in the correct place. I bought a PC for £900 on the 15th December 2016 On the 16th December it was clear there was a fault with the graphics. I contacted the company and the said if I paid for a new graphic card they would refund my money when they received the damaged one back. I did this and a new graphic card arrived and I was refunded the money. However the new graphic card did not solve the problem and the computer still had no display. I contacted them again and they said they would repair the whole computer so I carefully boxed it and sent it back for repair. I received the repaired computer back on the 29the December By the 30th it did not have a display again. I again contacted the company who said send it back again and we will replace all the components I did this and it arrived back at the company on the 3rd January. On the 4th January intecieved and email saying they would not fix the computer because it looked like someone had deliberately damaged it. I phone the technician and he was so rude and aggressive I ended up crying. He basically said someone had removed the cpu and caused damage so they would not repair They sent me photo of the damage and it was appalling. It looked like someone has gone at the inside of the computer with a hammer. I know I did not damage that computer. I had no reason too. It is my hard earn £900 so why would I The only person who could have removed that cpu was the technician. However I realise it is his word against mine. He has photos of damage and I do not have any photos Why would I take photos. They told me they would fix the problem and I believed they would as I paid extra for a warranty. That computer never worked properly since the day it was delivered on the 15th December In addition it spent most of the Christmas and new year in the box waiting for collection. Due to the holidays I couldn't even get it repaired promptly. Now I'm certain the company will not give a refund because they are claiming I damaged the computer. They have the advantage over me because the computer is in their possession and they can do anything to it and then take photos. All I know is the photos the sent me did not resemble what I sent back. It's not just damage by the courier. That sort of damage could only happen if someone opened the machine and forced the cpu removal. Bacially it is the technician word against mine. Any way I sent a letter asking for a refund under my statuary rights but I'm scared they are going to deny a refund and say I caused the damage. It is a real mess because I can't prove I did not cause the damage. And the man was so rude and aggressive he made me cry I'm certain the damage was caused by him once they had it back in the company. What is worrying is that I can never prove it and it is his word against mine. He has photo evidence of damage . But no evidence who caused that damage. It will take me another two years to save that money again for a computer It's so depressing
  13. OMG ! My bank doesn't send statements as I changed about a year ago....It all on-line.. *sobs.. I have no ink left to print them and cant afford any ink. I dont have Gas or Electric bills as Im paying the debt via a pre payment meter.Not on my bank statements.. .OMG I dont know where the receipts are! I cant get anything to do with my partners income as he has said its easier to leave and and live with step-daughter. OMG if he does that I will be a worse mess. He pays the rent in cash as well as the arrears....... I can get a recent rent statement and council tax statement and the car insurance and water bills are all out my bank. petrol and food I guess to... The only good thing about Sunday's is the phone stops ringing. ****.. I hate Mondays....what else will I need? Im in panic mode.. I think i will take the option to walk into the sea and die after all!
  14. As I am off work I though I might start getting the paper work toghether. Can anyone advise what I will need apart from the obvious DCA letters Bank statemts umm what esle???? Sorry my head is getting all messed up again as its Monday tommorow and the inevitable hiding will begin all again
  15. No-Hope, How many CAB appointments did you need? I am ok now as Im off sick, but im worried about time off work to see the CAB advisor?
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