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  1. Hi, I am new to this site. I happened across it, like so many others, by googling Ruthless. My husband has been being chased by the most obnoxious 'man' (I use the term 'man' loosely) called Maxwell for about 6 months now. Even though we heve repeatedly requested proof from them, nothing has come through, other than threatening and abusive phone calls to my husband (and whoever else answers the phone even though the letters are addressed to my husband) My husband has even had phone messages left on his answer phone repeatedly calling him a liar and telling him he is going to be on the streets. (phone call recently lasted for 4 minutes). Maxwell has also called the house number and been abusive to me. He called two solid days running, I told him I was not going to speak to him. He then phoned the house number for a solid 25 minutes. Each time I tried to tell him to go away he screamed down the phone that he was going to take my house and that I too was a liar..... I have the letter that starts ' I do not acknowledge any debt to your company' ready to be sent. Do I leave in the paragraph that starts 'Also since you are a debt collection Agency...... 'under section 189 of the CCA 1974' ? Can you advise me please?
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