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  1. This topic was closed on 09 March 2019. If you have a problem which is similar to the issues raised in this topic, then please start a new thread and you will get help and support there. If you would like to post up some information which is relevant to this particular topic then please flag the issue up to the site team and the thread will be reopened. - Consumer Action Group
  2. Thanks all for the congratulations - something had gone wrong with my email, I think, because I received updates from all the other threads, just not this one until today! Have had letter and it's fair to say I will shortly be making a donation to this site (which may have to wait a month or two - damned maternity pay!) and withdrawing my case from court.....
  3. I know several people (myself included) in similar situations with Barclays, and haven't heard of it happening, but I certainly set myself up with a parachute account in case. I know others who didn't, but I preferred to be safe than sorry.
  4. I don't think it matters how you do it, Rascal, as long as it is consistent within your own bundle. Congrats on sorting out your routine, not sure we have yet!!
  5. Feefofum, am so sorry to hear about your Mother's passing. But am very pleased to hear you're no longer in dispute with Barclays. Well done. xx
  6. Just to update, our little girl arrived on 2nd November having been threatened by all the doctors and a full cascade of medical intervention (grr, don't get me started!) but is here safe and well now - just got to twiddle thumbs until mid January now!!!
  7. Congratulations Rascal, was about to update my own thread (also a girl!) - hope you're enjoying her!!!!!
  8. I did that MFN, they did spend some time checking their directory to ensure that it went into the right 'bag' though - they were also happy to give me a receipt...
  9. Congrats Bookworm! Will be watching with interest to see their response to your claim for £60!!!
  10. I'm doing our joint account on my own as we don't need both parties to sign for anything, so although it's our J/acc, I'm the only claimant
  11. I am in the process of doing the same, but one of them is a joint account, although it only requires one of us to sign for any activity (can't remember the proper term)
  12. Hmm, the court says that it was requested by the District Judge who wanted to have all the similar cases on the same day. She said it would be extremely unlikely to happen again. Still, inconvenient (should have stuck with no special requests and had my hearing this Friday - have a feeling baby is in no hurry to get out!).
  13. LOL! Be gentle with them?!!! Am 9 months pregnant!!!!! They should be so lucky!!!!!!!!!!!! I will ring, though, and report back!!!
  14. Thanks Heidi. Am not particularly impressed - got a letter from the court this morning saying that the case has been adjourned for a month (18th January now) - anyone know what gives?! Will the court tell me why if I ring?!? Grrrrrr, bad enough waiting until December, but this just takes the biscuit!!
  15. I understand, Rascal, I keep thinking I'm going to be the test case as well! They're just testing your nerve.... If you're unsure about why no deadline for the court bundle, you could ring the court and ask them to clarify - I found some really helpful (as well as unhelpful ones, trial and error here!).
  16. Hi Rascal Am not sure whether it's standard or not, sorry, but from what I've seen of Barclays, I doubt you'll get a response until nearer the court date. I hope I'm wrong, but I've given up hearing from them until the week of my court date....
  17. I doubt it, as it seems to be a court issue, not a defendent one (IMHO). But it has been a very long time that you've had your AQ in. Spect someone more knowledgeable can help you.....
  18. OK, you need to fill in the spreadsheet - all you do is enter the date, amount and 'type'(description) of the charge and the clever spreadsheet will do the rest. It's in the library. Then you need to fill in the court form - there's help in the library for how to do that as well. Pay your money to court and then sit back and wait for a little while. Barclays will enter a defence (probably at the last minute); then you'll get an Allocation Questionnaire (and there's help for that in the library too) and then a court date. When you get your court date, you'll get a deadline to get a bundle of docs in - go back to the library for more help there, too!! Good luck, HTH
  19. savingmoneynovice, when you enter the date of the charge, the spreadsheet will calculate how many days since the charge. You just keep that later for when you go to court and will need the 8%. For now, you're just calculating a record of charges etc Harrycrumb, it's in the bank templates library. HTH
  20. Hi Welshman, can only tell you what I did..... I didn't count my pages (indexed them as A, B, C and appendices as AA, BB etc as per Jonni2bad's). I only included statement sheets with charges on as well. I didn't hole punch or file them, I put an index sheet on the front and held them together in a big band. I did, however, staple pages from the 'same' bits of legislation together (so instead of lots of loose sheets, had several stapled documents). I asked about highlighting and based on the advice I received, I only highlighted my own. I also took mine into the local Barclays branch and they posted the bundle through their internal mail and gave me a receipt - saved me quite a 'bundle' on postage I think!! Best of luck!
  21. I waited 3 weeks and my court date is 15th December, but I asked for it not to be after mid-October for baby reasons.......
  22. Lobster, have you heard anything yet?!?!?! Keeping fingers crossed for you!
  23. Hi Rascal I filled in and sent my AQ in mid August and with my due date next week, asked not to get a date within 3 weeks of my due date. Someone else sent theirs in a week or so after mine (same court) and got my due date as their court date, but they've given me a December date. The court took about 3 weeks to send me the date, so I'd say you are looking at next year, but it depends on how busy the courts are. I did ring the court and they were able to tell me how far ahead they're allocating the dates, so that may help. I've just put it out of my head for now - no more I can do. Start preparing your bundle as that will be the next step anyway and I found it a bit stressful with exactly 4 weeks before my due date as a deadline. Best of luck x
  24. Hiya, no news yet - don't expect to hear from them until early December now but will be keeping my eye on others' threads!! Now getting DH to dash around preparing for baby!!
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