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  1. hi Quite new to this what is PATAS. regards BJM
  2. hi I have just received another pcn from cctv. They have put the wrong road address on the PCN. They have put the side st address rather than the main road where I had stopped. Can I appeal on these grounds and if I did can they ticket again with the correct address. Also they have a date of notice which is legible, but different to the date of incident they have tried to type in the date and time of incident but have double typed making the date non readable would this also help with appeal regards BJM
  3. MARTIN3030 Thanks for that I have sent a reply to london corp explaining I had to stop in emergency as I could smell smoke from backseat. Would appreciate the cctv stuff they have installed lots of cameras in smithfield meat market, but no signs that I can see
  4. Green and mean thanks PatDavies The corparation have put up an A4 size signs saying goods vehicles only with a picture of a man with a trolley Bernie the bolt, I will contest this PCN and let the firm know. What do you mean by the "penalty exceeds the relevant amount"
  5. Hi Just received a cctv PCN from city of london.The contravention is for "PARKED IN A PARKING PLACE OR AREA NOT DESIGNATED FOR THAT CLASS OF VEHICLE" I am an engineer for a large firm and drive a company car (just changed over from van) I was told that my car is not registered as goods. When I pulled over I did not realise I was stopping in a loading bay I pulled over because I could smell burning it turned out to be a 9 volt battery shorting on metal. I was on cctv for 3 minutes at no time did I leave my car. Have I any grounds for appeal Thanks BJM P.S Could you please tell me
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