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  1. Thanx everyone, looks like the b........ds have won. I can't even claim for being unemployed because as a carer I don't get JSA
  2. I have a few shares in Northern Rock :o , if the company is sold are the shares still valid under the new owners?
  3. I took out PPI against a credit card, it covered most but importantly me becoming a carer. When my contract with work ended my partner and I decided I should become my sons carer (he has Crohns disease and is 7). We took this step because of the ammount of time he is ill and needs care. So, I applied for my card balance to be paid in full as per the agreement, after some investigation by the insurers they refused the claim stating "The policy had been taken out after we had first contacted a doctor about my sons illness". The fact that this illness was not dianosed until after the agreement was signed made no odds. Therefore This is classed as a "pre-existing condition" Could I claim a refund citing mis-selling?
  4. Again thanx There are many people out there who are unaware that you can get the charges back from credit card companies. I only did it to see, but just happened to win. I suppose what I did was make a statment in the form of a question, I was just a bit p.....d by the reply consideing it was from a moderator
  5. Thankyou, an initial yes would do without the sarcasm
  6. Has anyone else trid to claim back the charges applied to credit cards. If not please do so, I did, after I had started court proceedings they waited until the 11th hour to cough up. MD vs Aqua, claimed £201.20 Received £201.20
  7. I don't regard 10 months as reasonable
  8. As I said earlier If you didn't think you were doing wrong you cannot be found guilty. So in this case it is
  9. Thanx for all your views. I think I will keep the payment and maybe even have my day in court. Even if I lose they can't take what I don't have
  10. I may be charged with theft, but I won't be found guilty because I didn't know I wasn't allowed the payment as it was a goodwill payment. To be found guilty of theft you have to admit that you knew what you were doing was illegal
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