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  1. yes currently waiting for that information
  2. I don't know I didn't? , I just sent the letter as per the post 6 in that thread above. Do you think they'll get the information ?.....is it odd they put in a letter that they never sent telling me they have the account/ are owners now after the letter of claim? Aqua was paperless and I'm now locked out so no statements and they haven't posted any others, applied and ran online.
  3. Hi, i got a letter today dated the 20th Feb , 14 days from the letter I sent saying that they were requesting the information and the account will be put on hold while they wait, they included 2 other letters they say they sent me I recognise one but not the other, saying they're acting on behalf now etc interesting enough dates the 19th Feb the one to say the account was sold and they now own it , when I wrote to them on Feb 6th! (i never got this other than with this letter, .. ...should this have not proceeded the letter of claim ? The letter also states t
  4. Thanks ill let you know how I get on.......Do lowell normally send this letter that quick they only got given it at the end of the year!
  5. Yes they have sent me that form with the letter of claim, they seem to have all the correct details on the letter saying the date of assignment is only 07/12/2017, so that's fast to send this letter out isn't it ? So i send the form and CAA request together ?...and then wait ?
  6. Hi Can someone advise, I owe money for an old credit card (aqua- new day form 2013 ), they're saying amount owed is 4427 now on the Lowell letters, but the limit was only 3500 so must be a lot of charges added, I have had a few letters that I've filed, but now I've got a letter of claim from these guys dates 29/01 saying This letter is being sent to you in accordance with the practice direction on pre-action conduct and protocols, giving me 30 days to pay before they may commence proceedings. I guess it's not good to ignore this one? Do I send them A CAA reques
  7. Hi well i sent them off information weeks ago, a month now or more and have not heard a thing, the date has come and gone for which they said it would be stopped by if i didnt reply, im still going mad, ive made myself ill with the stress of it all, i just want to be care free again, doc has had to upt me on medication. I even had to call last week to update my employment details as new job and not a mention of this going on at all there end....? why is it taking so long! no number on the letter , even though it says please ring number on letter if you need to discuss more.....
  8. no letter from anyone other than tax credits , stopped h/b the same day and council tax, havent replied to tax credits letter yet have 4 weeks to answer, id it best to wait or to anser asap......im not touching any money from them from now. You know the irony, haveing a previous breakdown he doesnt do stress and this may push him to move out anyhow, and this may all be a waste of time, and ineed help, im not coping.....i could end up with a single claim anyway,,,,so silly, hes helping with kids but cos were married, or was were a couple,....tax credits must realise life isnt so cut and dr
  9. there not involved yet, ive cancelled my claim with them now , they havent written to me or anything, although i guess either i or tax credits will let them know....its only since march and its not till recently we even agreed to it being just a longerterm thing, it was just meant to be till i was feeliing better and to help with The current situation with kids, he didnt even spend everynight here. From what ive read on here its best just to be honest....... do yo think calling would help...should i ring anyway and stop the payment, they havent stopped, and i havent touched them e
  10. Really, my big worry now after reading a few of these posts is proving what i say is true, will they ask, will they look into previous years, he works in construction and goes where the next job is, and has rented rooms , lived with his mum for a while after his dad died and more recently his brother, but not been on any council tax anywhere due to the informal arrangment, he always meant to get his own place where kids could stay and has worked hard rebuilding a credit history from a poor one, and until recently wouldnt have passed a credit check anyway, he has a few accounts but all paperle
  11. Ill try to keep this simple but its hard isnt it, i need advice, im going crazy... I have 4 children with my x, 2 are disabled, on had CP Other and other had Autism. Weve been split awhile, he travells with building sites so moves around alot, more recently living with his brother until he moved earlier this year, he was staying with a friend or away for work until his brothers new place went through. He stayed with me from March which i neglected to report, i didnt know it was gonnna be a longer term thing, i wasnt coping well with kids and needed help, i had even asked him to
  12. Hi I was the victim of a bulgular recently, We actually interrupted the bloke in the middle of the night!, we came downstairs because of the dogwas fussing and the front door was wide open, later saw on cctv he had just left! he got a few things first though inc our digital camera and jewelry etc , police reckon he was after car keys as he had gone through everything bags, pockets etc. Anyway there's no obvious signs of entry, a few small marks on door unsure if caused by him, the downstairs windows were all shut and only the rooms we were occupying had windows partially open (on chi
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