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  1. Thanks people that’s what I meant. She’s refusing to divorce just to be awkward and I heard after a certain time the marriage becomes void. I’ve already got the Land Registary to sign the house over to me . I have the documents. They insist she know has no rights to the house . It is mine and my daughters and my wife has no rights over the property. Its been a traumatic decade. I’m just making sure everything is squared off.
  2. About 2012 my wife walked out on myself and my daughter and returned to the USA. Has never returned we remained married . In my naivety I didn’t go for divorce because I thought it would resurrect all the bad stuff . Ironically myself and daughter flourished. Ironically 4 years I had a bad stroke I’m far from sorted but on my way to a decent recovery. Mentally I was lucky now the only problem is I tend to get confused doing this sort of thing. The last year I have been sorting all the potential problems with success. Anyway she left 2012 ,still married and she hasn’t returned. Is there a time limit by which a marriage becomes defunct ?
  3. Well I got a letter from the land registers . Also phoned the house is mine. To quote house is mine , I can do what I wish with it. Not even my wife can have anything to do with it. During the relentless paperwork she signed it to me.
  4. I suspect a complicated one. About 5 years ago my wife left myself and my daughter. We found out (she’s a US Citizen) she had returned to the States and hooked up with an old boyfriend. She had done well for herself and the marriage was deteriorating . my daughter and myself thought it was for the best. we stayed married ( a mistake ) and kept in contact with each other. Last year with her approval I applied for the full deeds to our house which is currently being approved by the Land Registry. In my naivety I assumed that would also allow me to full financial control as well. Alas not . Apparently there has to be a financial transfer as well which my wife is prepared to do. What is it called and who would be the best people to help us do. Have I been given the right information as well ? It may seem a bizarre story but if I explained the full story it would take ages.
  5. My wife and I separated amicably about 8 years ago and She moved back to the USA . I’m in U.K. living with my daughter. We have not divorced. Wife has done well for herself and between myself and my daughter we are living comfortably. Recently I paid the mortgage off. The home is still in our joint names. My wife is prepared to relinquish her share of the house . How do I get the house put solely in my name ? Thanks
  6. Surely divorce happens and the wife is automatically entitled to half the house rather than my daughter
  7. About 20 years ago when our marriage was ok we wrote a fairly standard will which included our very young.daughter. About 10 years ago our marriage deteriorated. Personality wise but in my naivety I found out she was shoplifting, as a nurse she was even pilfering from patients. Because I worked long hours and the fact I had never committed a crime in my life I was oblivious to this until later. she is a US/U.K. citizen. About 7 years ago she told myself and my daughter she had to move to the States for a couple of months to look after an ailing relative. About a week after her going to the US she contacted my daughter saying she had a boyfriend over there and was never coming back . my daughter had the option of moving over with her mother but by then . Their relationship had collapsed as well and she chose to stay with me. We did not divorce. Can I annul the will without my wife’s permission ? And if I pass away make sure my daughter gets all my benefits ? Oh also she was arrested for theft in Texas and was tagged and put on probation.
  8. You certainly did. I know your not financial advisors . May I put the question another way ? Is investing in a house still worthwhile at this time ?
  9. I’ve been in hospital for a while and have sorted my finances a couple of months ago. I still have a floating £10k which would pretty much pay the mortgage off.Would that be an advantage I’m guessing not but what do you suggest ? I never been a major contributor to this site but when I joined I was close to bankruptcy. You helped me claim back a fortune on PPI before most people understood what it meant. a good time to say thanks.
  10. I’ve been off work for a year. Thankfully I have an all encompassing interest in the news particularly in the possibility of a recession. It’s been bubbling in the background . The last couple of weeks I have had word from a couple of friends in two of the biggest banks that we are very close to a huge meltdown. Many suggesting Trumps dispute with Deutsche Bank could be the tipping point. Has anyone heard similar ? If there is a problem what would an average investor do ? Some have suggested buying into Gold but I don’t want to be lumped in with the tinfoil hat brigade. i would consider this a serious question. I predicted Trumps win, the Brexit result etc. I am concerned. Any feedback whatsoever would be appreciated.
  11. I have had various phone calls from DPD customer services they track their drivers. Have confirmed driver delivered parcel to wrong address. My daughter has been taking advantage of Black Friday week and has put a lot of orders through ASOS. DPD have them all down as refused by customer. With their tracking they have worked out the same driver is responsible and have evidence he does not even enter our road ! They have apologised profusely yet still it carries on. They cannot get through to the local depot and escalate the issue. Customer Service have admitted there is nothing they can do. DPD have a complaints form but all that happens is the same performance. Over the years I have worked in retail stock loss, transport and customer service and I have never come along such a Kafkaesque situation.
  12. Our family do a large amount of online shopping, to the point we know the names of most of our drivers. Two weeks ago DPD claimed to have delivered a parcel. When investigated it was signed by a Smith ! No one in this road is called Smith. I sent an email to the company I had purchased from and they said they would investigate. The next day a belligerent DPD driver turned up with a notepad and told me there was a serious incident at our house. I was initially calm and said clearly it had been delivered to Smith. I found this amusing ( parcel was worth £34.97) he said as we were a security risk we could get banned. I laughed again which clearly agitated him. He then accused me of being dishonest. I pointed out the same day DHL had delivered a parcel for £235 and if I was dishonest I would have had that one. He claimed the police could be involved , by then I lost my patience told him he had no right to commit an arbitrary investigation and told him to remove himself from my property. After all that I have found out DPD have blacklisted us. The only contact we have had from DPD is this driver. As their is a National Helpline the operators cannot explain why we have been blacklisted. Absurd. Any suggestions?
  13. Was told in hospital that if I was given the appropriate medication within 3 hours I would have been home within 2 days
  14. I even have a copy of the discharge letter from the morning.
  15. Well clearly if I had been seen to promptly I reckon I would of be in a better situation than I am now ( partially disabled) I was very fit and had none of the problems that normally preclude a stroke. Ironically when I was in Wheelchair waiting for Triage I was in front of one of those dramatic Stroke posters. I want to stop it happening to anyone else and obviously this is going to cost me a lot of money so compensation. It bothers me that if I did receive compensation it would take money away from the NHS but when you see their budget .....well.
  16. I had a Stroke about 5 weeks ago it started at 11:00am , admitted to A& E approx 12:00 pm sat on trolley for about 2 hours. Some very simple tests were carried out . I was discharged. Felt disoriented and tired , went home . Had no idea what was going on. Became progressively worse. By about 7pm my daughter drove me back to A&E. I could not get out of car, she rushed in telling them I was having a stroke . They gave her wheelchair somehow I got in and she wheeled me to Admissions Desk. Told them I was having stroke. They told us where to sit so Triage could check me. My daughter noticed I was in low priority section. Eventually seen. Laid in trolley on ward upstairs and was finally seen at approx. 3:00am and finally taken down to Acute Stroke Unit 14 hours after Stroke occurred. Thoughts please.
  17. Thanks for advice chaps. Phoned them up told them the full story. They have halved the mortgage for two months and then it will be reviewed again. Told them how bad I felt. One of the comments was "clearly its not a terminal financial situation as you have coped (with occasional difficulty) for two years. Seemed sympathetic. I am happy enough with that for now. What do you think ?
  18. OK thanks a lot. Will report back.
  19. Thanks for the quick response. So there is no danger of putting the mortgage/house in danger ? What if they ask why I didnt tell them earlier ?
  20. Evening I will try and be brief. About 2 years ago my wife walked out on myself and my 21 year old daughter. I am working and am on a reasonable salary while daughter works 30 hrs a week. When we brought our house (which is in good positive equity) it was under a Joint Mortgage. My wife is now overseas and for my daughters sake we have kept things amicable. Since then we have been scraping along justs about keeping bills under control. The mortgage company is unaware we are seperated and sometimes I have been unable to make payments. I have used all my payment holidays up. Its starting to come to a head. I will not be able to make this months payment and probably not next months. I am planning to phone them up tomorrow but am not really sure how to explain why I cant pay.For many reasons selling the house is not an option. Do I tell them the real reason why I cant pay and that will jeopardise my mortgage. The reason (amongst others) I am hanging on is that in a couple of years time I am due a share payout which will definitely tide us over for a couple of years. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  21. First loan was 2006 extension 2007 , claim was put in late 2010 payment eventually received early 2011. I notice in Firstplus letter they declare by paying me they do not accept they are at fault it is "a gesture of goodwiil"
  22. Morning Thanks to the support on this site I won two considerable rebates from First Plus ref PPI. Probably about 5 years ago . Recently I have received two letters from a company called CT Capital saying that I am still owed further money from First Plus and they are prepared to pursue the claim for me. Now Im assuming its a bit of phishing so Im probably answering my own question. Does anyone know any different ?
  23. Made a couple of phone calls this morning. One to Standard Life who were more helpful this time (although they did try and convince me their Drawdown policy would be the best option) and the HMRC . It seems combining my yearly wages and the 14k I would cash in would keep me in the 20% tax threshold. He did comment on the lack of concise information out there and reckoned a lot of customers were not taking the tax implications into account. It also appears there are a lot of "PPI" style companies springing up who are going to fleece a lot of customers. Particularly when you think my 14k is peanuts compared to what some customers are thing of cashing in on.
  24. Spent an hour and a half on hold with the HRMC before losing the will to live and putting the phone down. Standard Life were less than helpful too referring me to thier website. I guess it's only going to get worse as the hysteria builds.......
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