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  1. Hi everyone I asked Lowell for proof of transfer of debt to them forgive me I forget the proper legal term, they have emailed me the following documents are they correct and legal? Thank you in advance. Ray. docs1.pdf
  2. Thanks for all your comments, they sent this letter the same day as the previous document which seems strange, the first response is we will wait for the documentation the this, please see attached document, what should I do? Thanks in advance. Sheila low4.pdf
  3. Hi everyone thank you in advance for your help and expertise it really is appreciated. I have sent off a letter to Lowell as advised for a copy of my credit agreement, I also used the template that mentions supplying it within 12 days, can anyone advise me on the reply from them attached? The debt is around 5 years old. Thank you so much! Sheila.
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