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  1. Thank you for explaining that so clearly, that’s really helpful.
  2. It’s his employers insurance that covers accident or illness while working abroad. It’s not the fact that he caught a virus but that, as a result of the virus, he now has a permanent disability.
  3. I wondered if he could claim against the travel insurance for permanent disability which occurred while doing his job. He wouldn’t want to get involved in pursuing a claim with the airline or his employer, that’s why I posted the question on here as we really didn’t know.
  4. Apologies in advance for the long story. My husbands job involves working abroad and he takes numerous long and short haul flights each year. In December 2010, whilst abroad, he picked up a virus which gave him flu like symptoms. On his return flight home he had difficulty clearing his ears and when he arrived home struggled to hear phone conversations but put it down to what he thought was a bad cold. The problems continued so in January he made an appointment with the doctor. Following numerous tests and an MRI scan he was told he had 75% hearing loss in his right ear. The doctor explained that due to the virus the pressure in the plane had caused irreparable damage to the nerve. At best his hearing would remain the same, but could decline further. At 46 he had to adapt to wearing a hearing aid which has not only affected his work, but his social life too as he now avoids noisy situations. At a recent check up he was told he has had further hearing loss and eventually a hearing aid will be ineffective. He is concerned that he will no longer be able to do his job if this happens. My question is would he be entitled to claim anything. He has travel insurance paid for by his company but we don’t know if this would be covered or if, as the problem began 7 years ago, it is too late to do anything.
  5. Just an update. The garage have given a full refund. Thanks for your help.
  6. I'll read though CRA, never heard of chargeback but I'll look into that too. Thank you
  7. Thank you, that's good to know. She paid by Visa Debit card.
  8. My daughter bought her first car from a dealer on 11/2/17. Within a week she noticed the engine was smoking she rang the garage and arranged to return it on 22/2/17 as it was still under warranty. They told her they didn't have a courtesy car available she had to make her own way from the garage to work and took 2 days holiday, as to travel by bus would involve 2 buses and over a 3 hour commute. As the car was still not fixed she then had to commute to work by bus. On 2/3/17 the garage returned the car but as soon as she switched the engine on it was smoking worse than before. She rang the garage immediately and had to drive the car back to the garage, a distance of 21 miles. On this occasion she was given a courtesy car. After another week she collected the car but exactly a week later she broke down on the motorway. The police and fire brigade attended and they told her the car was minutes away from setting alight. It was again taken to the garage, this time they had it for almost 2 weeks. She has had the car back for 4 weeks now but last week it broke down again. It was, again, towed back to the garage who said it was booked in for 8am the following day. When she rang in the afternoon they told her they hadn't looked at it and wouldn't be looking at it now until Tuesday next week and they didn't have a courtesy available. She has been told they initially replaced a fuel injector and on the second occasion a rocker cover. When the car broke down on the motorway the injector was leaking. Although the garage are yet to have a look at it this time the AA engineers report indicates that the fuel pressure is too low so it would seem it is still related to the original fault. She is at the point now where she has lost all confidence in the car and the garage and would just like to cut her losses, get her money back and find another car elsewhere. Can anyone please advise me what, if anything, she can do? Thanks
  9. Just wanted to let you know I got a letter today from Parking Eye informing me the parking charge has been cancelled. Thank you for all your help and advice.
  10. Thank you everyone. About a year ago it was made one way so you have to go through the car park. The cameras have only recently been installed and there's been a lot of fuss about it in the local paper. People getting fined unfairly.
  11. The date of the offence was 8/9/14 and the notice was issued 12/09/14 so it's within time
  12. I often pick my daughter up after work from the town centre bus station. It's a one way system and I have to drive through a car park to get to the bus station. She's usually walking through the car park when I get there but a couple of weeks ago she (or the bus) was 15 minutes late and I waited at the exit of the car park. Today I received a parking charge notice from Parking Eye for £100 as I was in the car park for 17 minutes in total. The notice is addressed to my husband, as he is the registered keeper, but I am the main driver. At the time my daughter was also insured as a named driver (we'd added her to the policy for 30 days to get some practise) and in fact, although I drove into the car park, she drove out. The photos on the notice show the 'L' plates on exiting. I've read through quite a few of the stickys and posts on here and think my best course of action is to write to Parking Eye as the registered keeper but I'd like advice on what to put in the letter. My husband was out of the country with work at the time, is it worth mentioning this or should I just say he is not obliged to name the driver? I would never intentionally not pay for parking but feel £100 is totally excessive. In future I will drive straight out of the car park and wait on the road for her. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  13. Yes the same company. Thanks to everyone for your advice. Would have thought they already had the drivers details but will do as you've advised and explain the situation as it happened. Son has learned a big lesson. Husband too as he's made sure that new bike son has bought is in his name.
  14. The bike was in my husbands name as he dealt with the purchase, my son was 17 at the time. He did ask for it to be put in my sons name but when the documents came through it had my husbands details on it. The bike was insured in my sons name. He allowed his friend to ride it naively thinking he would be covered through his own insurance (he too has a motorbike) but he wasn't. Have tried to stay out of it but getting the letter today has meant getting involved. Just want to do the right thing but not sure what that is.
  15. My son, rather stupidly, allowed his friend to ride his motorbike and he was involved in an accident with a car. My son was devastated, the bike was his pride and joy. The police were called and his friend is likely to be prosecuted. The bike, which was in my husbands name, has been repaired and sold to a colleague who is fully aware of what happened. Today my husband has received a letter from Privilege Motor Claims saying their customer has reported the incident to them and given them my husband's details. They have been in contact with his insurance company and understand that he has not reported the incident to them and asking him to do so as soon as possible, reminding him of his duty under the Road Traffic Act to report any incident he is involved in. Now, obviously he hasn't reported it because he hasn't been involved in any accident. I would really appreciate any advice you can give as to what we do now. Should my husband just reply saying he hasn't been involved in an incident, should he ignore it or should he give them my son and his friends details?
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