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  1. Hi dx100uk, Bankfodder. I have just danced around my kitchen with a big (relieved) smile on my face! A letter has just arrived from PRA Group in response to my SB letter and it confirms that the debt has become statute barred and Is now closed on their system. Also, not they or any other party will make contact in future. A massive thank you for all your help!!
  2. Thanks Bankfodder for the quick reply this has been on my mind all Weekend! when you Say they will be able to have any claim on any PPI payouts do you mean will not be able to? i’ll get the letter sorted and sent. Is there a new/latest statue barred letter template someone can point towards please?
  3. Hi All, Been a while since I’ve posted on the forum. Firstly, I must say how much this community has helped me through some very stressful times in my life. A BIG THANK YOU!! My question is relating to a Sold debt to PRA Back in 2004, which I did pay towards until December 2012. Fast forward to 2016 I move house and started checking PPI on old accounts. after contacting Lloyds I was successful with redress directly to me for a number of old personal loans. Moving on to 2018 PRA start calling me work mobile phone and I block the calls, which bounce t
  4. Hi Noneprovided, Has anything be heard from PRA since your CCA request? All the best iwcmd.
  5. Thanks dx, Bit more background on my Lloyds situation: I left an old current account with a big overdraft oweing, which was due to loan payments being constantly taken with no money going in. I don't have a current account with them now only mortgage and personal loan. Would SAR to LLOYDS stir any trouble for my existing facilities I.e. What is the likelihood they would put 2+2 together? Also being so old surely I have no chance with PPI reclaim? Many thanks. Iwcmd.
  6. This is my worry - been over thinking the situation and starting to be all I think about everyday. Thanks again and look forward to input from others hopefully. Iwcmd.
  7. Thanks for the quick response martin2006. Forgot to mention my current credit facilities are also with Lloyds.
  8. Hi all, Been sometime since I posted and always an avid follower of CAG, which has seen me through some tough times! A long story short is I am now (touch wood) in a better position financially with a clear credit file and manageable credit facilities (loan,credit card) including mortgage. I do however have one old debt that I need advice on: Around 1998 - 2000 I took out a big loan for around £20k and then a second a year or so later for around £10k (young and in experienced). Defaulted both around 2003/4, sold to Thames Credit/Atkiv now PRA and dropped off credit fil
  9. Morning all, Been thinking about this and would I get a threat of court action before any proceedings ? Basically what is the likelihood of going straight from maybe/if letters to court papers without notice? The waiting game is so agonising !
  10. Thanks again for coming back to me on this. I understand what your saying. Best not poke the ashes to end up restarting the fire. I know I'm nowhere near some of the peoples situations on here, although I'm still nervous as the SB approaches wondering if Cabot will do something devious. With CAG support I've gone through some really tough times - ccj's, pressure and stress from multiple DCA's (almost giving into going bankrupt) and managed to come out the other-side clear credit file, able to get credit again and now even considering moving house next year! Anyway, long sto
  11. Thanks DX for the fast reply. Would it still be worth sending some sort of letter to them after SB date stating statute barred, so they confirm it back to me? I'm visiting my parents during the SB date, so thinking to prepare a letter and send recorded delivery while I'm away. Any thoughts or comments are much appreciated. All the best Iwcmd.
  12. Hi All, Been some time since I posted here. Cabot have been sending the basic 'you owe' letters every 3 to 4 months, however today I've received a notice of arrears 'statement' with reference information about financial conduct authority. I have not paid anything to them or acknowledged the debt since being tricked into paying back in August 2008. My question is I have 2weeks until statute barred, so in anyone's experience with Cabot should I be extra worried or expect any sudden court action to be taken or is this just another way of trying to make me contact them? I
  13. Hi BRIGADIER2JCS I hope all is well for you. I am going o send a SB letter to 1st Credit now as its past the 6 years for no payment / no acknowledgement. My question I need your input on is should I use the standard SB letter bearing in mind it references 'not having heard from the DCA in the time period and no communication with them from me' however I have CCA'd and SAR'd them, so should I change the wording on the standard CAG SB letter? Or do you have any modified SB letter templates that would be more appropriate? Many thanks for your assistance. all the best
  14. Hi guys, Thanks for your input on this. Indeed, my credit file has no adverse history on it anymore and all my current financial liabilities are up to date. Regarding the letter I received back from Cabot it states the enclosed docs are copies of their response to my cca request back in 2010, however these documents contain the following: - Paragraph - 'This is a copy of your agreement' - Paragraph - Halifax credit card conditions of use - A previous address, however not the original address where I lived when the application was done. - One set of Interest rates on b
  15. Hi all, Once again cabot are on my case! I received a letter about 3 weeks ago stating I had not returned correspondence to them regarding the debt (its been 5 years 2 months since I made a foolish payment!) and they would look at taking further action if I did not contact them, so I re-requested the CCA. A day or two ago I have received a reconstituted credit agreement (again) and now need to decide a plan of action for handling this. If anyone can advice the probability of pushing unenforceability on t & c's or something it would be greatly appreciated.
  16. Thanks BRIGADIER2JCS, I feel a lot better about this situation as it does start to mentally drain you and create a lot of worry, although I know there are many people in worse situations than me! Time for a treat tonight - takeaway and a few beers. Have a good weekend. iwcmd.
  17. Hi BRIGADIER2JCS Just a last question I used this template on SAR request - does it sound like I am implying I am liable for the debt? 2 DATA PROTECTION ACT 1998 TEMPLATE LETTERS A Subject access request for Debt and DCA http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk...ss-Request-for This is the 42man version (the long one). Thanks. iwcmd.
  18. Hi BRIGADIER2JCS, Thanks for the fast come back and clarification. I have not sent a SB letter yet, should I do that now or hang on until the 5th October or after then? Iwcmd.
  19. Thanks all / Andy, I appreciate your knowledge on this matter. So, the only real thing I can do now is contact SCM to request a balance left outstanding? BR, Iwcmd.
  20. Hi everyone, Thanks for giving your comments on this situation it is really appreciated. Hi BRIGADIER2JCS, My credit file no longer shows the debt I think it fell off in 2009/10 and My last instalment was 5th October 2007 as written on the payment history log and I have checked on my old bank statement, which confirms this. So, does this imply I potentially will go SB on 5th October 2013 even though I have contacted 1st credit using the CCA and SAR templates from CAG and no court action will be taken? Sorry for any repeat questions just want to be clear on this. T
  21. Hi All, I could do with some good advice on my current situation if possible? I have just received information relating to my SAR request to 1st Credit (old Barclaycard debt) and I have some questions hopefully you can help with: 1. Due to the usual pressure of the DCA (and not understanding much about my rights) the debt was paid on instalments from 2004/5 until early October 2007. Then I request the CCA and had nothing sent to me, so stopped the instalments. 2. Now in August 2013 - I received a Judge & Priestley Solicitors letter suggesting court action, so I re - CCA
  22. Hi All, Thanks for your comments and thoughts on this matter. The CCJ was back in 2005/2006 and is not on my credit file. It was for a Lloydstsb creditcard debt £13k if I remember correctly. I don't know f their was or still is any charges / interest applied as I have never SAR 'd them and I have never had a statement or contact at all from them since prior to judgement. I pay £100 / month (it was £150 / month until I reduced it due to personal finances in 2007). So, I really have no clue as to what is left owing, how long I need to carry on paying etc. Also,
  23. Hi Maroondevo52, Appreciate the quick response. On a debt like this is it worth a SAR to them and in your opinion would it be worthwhile this far into paying it off? Many thanks, iwcmd.
  24. Bump. Hi all, Its been just over 5 years since I acknowledged this debt to Cabot, however today I got a letter stating their numerous attempts to contact me has not worked, so they will be taking further action to recover the debt if I do not contact them. DAMN! So, the only course of action I can think of is to CCA request them and SAR request them to 'keep the ball rolling' and see what information turns up? Any comments on this would be appreciated. Are they likely to take court action on a debt this old for around £4.5k? Many thanks, iwcmd.
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