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  1. hi haydn, was away at weekend so sorry could not get back to you any quicker. It seems we have done the same things to get statements,either they sent mine as an error (because they sent me three lots??) or another could be when I tied the account off I didnt owe them anything??? I see from your thread that you have some other complications there. My advice would be to try all simple routes i. e. go into branch, phone various nat west numbers ,and dont mention that you already are taking action. you'd be suprised at some lack of communications between departments ,could just get you a result, never be despondent at one persons response as in all aspects of life this can vary so much. I had three refusal letters, then they requested £5.00. which I sent them and then they sent every statement to me.Hope this helps, I' m going to send letters now for charges plus c. i will keep posting my results. all the best.x
  2. wow, hope I have successfully posted this! After much torment have been finally sent my statements going back to 1992 (theres life out there but not as we know it!!!).Was refused them several times for different reasons, the main one being they weren't obliged to send them to a ltd company- true but was going to fight them on the grounds that they had a fidicuary obligation to me ( see stephens great info under guido t). Any hoo have received three lots and counting , so keep it going and good luck, am v. busy totting up my thousands in charges from 1992 watch this space!!! xxx
  3. well suprise, suprise , if you remember I was having zero success in obtaining my account details from nat west on their grounds that it was a business account, well for some strange reason and no further requests from me they have sent me statements going back to 1992 and so far three copies of them too!!!! cant imagine what has brought this about or do they know something we don't????? thanks to all for previous advice.
  4. hi guido, thanks for that,have already tried an s a r ,which they refused,as stephen says it doesnt apply to ltd's. Am going to go into bank to try, will let you know outcome. would love to click on everyones scales but don't know how??
  5. thankyou stephen will try internet could you suggest under what heading? have devoted much time already and can't seem to get anywhere, have searched many threads and links on this site too, Ithink there are many others who need this same info, I will keep you posted if I find anything.
  6. Hi everyone, although am finding your info helpful for later on in my claim,I'm still stuck in trying to start it, as I have no records except account number and sort code, bank are refusing me my records due to the fact that the company was limited need a template round this problem,hope someone can help.
  7. Thanks, but could do with some legal jargon to throw at them, in cag templates theres only an L B A for business customers, and I did find a quote in c a g s library that you can't send the usual s a r for ltd companies and that theres no legal basis for ltd companies to demand your info.
  8. Hi everyone, have searched site trying to find loophole in demanding my company statements and or charges pre six years as nat west saying they don't have to supply them to Ltd. company????? Does anyone know of any legal terms I could use or any previous case history. thanks so much.
  9. hi and congrats on this great site! have read your templates on no s.a.r possible for limited companies, have lost all statements etc, so would like to know if there's any way round this? bank in question is nat.west. thanx in advance.
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