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  1. Hi dx, Thank you for you reply. But is this not a bit simple? And what if I need to make further payments through PP one day? Thanks.
  2. Hi everyone, Last week, my Paypal account was hacked, and the culprit(s) managed to make it around £2000 lighter. My wife went to the bank immediately and they reversed all payments and Direct Debits and because of that (the reversal), I was left with a payment to Paypal of £1927.39 (Negative Balance). So far, so good, everything seemed right, my Bank balance tallied, so I paid that amount. However, there was one more dispute about an amount of £653 (which I knew about and recognised), which had been (or, at least, it seemed that way) to and fro my account and Paypal a few times, and Paypal claimed that amount was not included in the aforementioned payment. So, again, negative balance of £653. However, as I come off the phone with the PP representative, all of a sudden, that £653 negative balance is gone and I am left with a negative balance of £111.11. I have looked all over the place, done additions and subtractions between all possible transactions, cross-referenced everything with my bank account, NOTHING that even remotely leads to that amount. And, if I did still owed them £653 (which I doubt very much), why did it all of a sudden go down by £541.89 (an amount which I cannot find anywhwere)? OK, I decide to open a dispute with PP and I get a reply which tells me "They have great difficulty finding the transaction(s) I mention, and could I provide them with further details (dates, numbers, etc.), sounds dodgy to me, if they cannot find it on their system. So, I just keep on at them, replying to the replies they send to me, bombarding them with messages, with the main question being: "WHERE DOES THAT £111.11 COME FROM"? Every time I get a reply that is COMPLETELY beside the point and where the amount or the negative balance is not even mentioned. This morning, I find an "American" reply telling me that, "if I have a neg. bal. to pay it via debit/credit card or send a "check" to....", now, WHAT DOES THAT HAVE TO DO WITH THE PRICE OF FISH?????? I then replied that they may expect legal action (remember, I was furious). Now, I want to know, did I do the right thing, and have I got a leg to stand on? I will be very grateful for any advice.
  3. Like I have said before, TalkTalk (affiliated to CPW) are known to have bad customer resolution and do not play it fair. Even their own forum is full of complaints from unhappy customers. Can't wait for my contract period to be up.
  4. Some years ago Lloyds TSB gave me a £35,000 personal loan. After a number of years the company I worked for did not have work for me anymore (or not enough anyway to begin with). As I made good money there I was still able to keep paying my loan but it eventually defaulted. I am paying it off bit by bit now, however, it was not until later I realised that I also paid for PPI included in what I paid back for the loan. I was under the impression that a PPI was meant to be for purposes like my situation, ie. if you can't work anymore or see your income reduced significally or lose it altogether, the PPI was meant to pay it off. Am I right or wrong, and is there anything that can be done to get rid off paying off the loan, because of the PPI I took out and paid for? Thanks, Frankie.
  5. Hi, My daughter currently receives Income Support, Child Tax Credit and Child Benefits and has them paid into her account with Lloyds TSB. Recently she went over her overdraft, and has not been able to get to her benefits. She, however, found out about her First Right of Appropriation and used this to claim her last two payments back (£54 each, one on Friday, one today). But, because of this, they have frozen her account and have given her thirty days notice that they're closing her account. Is this allowed? I always believed that First Right of Appropriation can be used as often as it is needed. Are the bank allowed to just close her account like this? Thanks a lot Frankie
  6. I too have had my doubts about the honesty of TT, and thanks to this forum, I found out they have a forum of their own too. After I got a "courtesy" call tonight, and told the young lady in no uncertain terms i was very unhappy with their service, upon which she all of a sudden changed the subject to TT broadband, I looked here and found the mention to their customer forum, where I posted the following: "I just want to express how disappointed I am with the Talktalk services I am receiving. I have been with them for about a year and have been throufgh all sorts of trouble in that time. About two months ago a representative of Talktalk turned up on my doorstep, trying to persuade me to take TT broadband, in the mean time he asked me about how pleased I was with the service. I told him in no uncertain terms that I was VERY UNHAPPY with it and explained we were paying bills through our nose. Having heard that he all off a sudden noticed TT had put us on the wrong plan (in the mean time we had been paying bills like crazy), as we were on TT Evenings and weekends and we should have been on Anytime. We then got in touch with TT and they confirmed they should have offered us the Anytime plan, maybe only after we had expressed a desire to return to BT. They then put us on Anytime, and as a way of apology they gave it at a slightly reduced price. However, I have now paid the first bill, which again came to £22.52, and I see that for this month, my unbilled calls are already on £10.76. Upon closer investigation, I find (for last month) calls to 084... numbers saying either SERVICES G3 or G6 or G& all over the place, i do not have a clue where those come from, certainly not in such a number of calls. I also find a few calls called "Services Call Return", once again, what are those? Furthermore, it is also impossible to check the progress of unbilled calls (something which is possible eg. on the BT website), you can only see the itemised bill after you have already paid your bill. Tonight, I got a courtesy call from TT again, asking me if I was happy with the service, to which I obviously answered "NO" and I also explained why, then the representative quickly changed the subject to broadband. I told the representative that I was not even remotely interested in TT broadband as it is capped, and I only want unlimited broadband, I have told TT that time and again, yet they keep pestering me with questions to join their broadband, don't they make a note on their system then? Anyway, I told the young lady that from now on, every single call that is made from my landline will be logged in detail, and then checked with a fine toothed comb. If I find any irregularities at all, I shall not hesitate to get in touch with Ofcom and take the necessary steps to take action against TT. A very unsatisfied customer. " I have noticed on this forum here that TT seem to have a bad name, and I have seen some of the things they get up to, so, if I can help to put a stop to it, use my input by all means.
  7. Can anyone tell me what the regulations are on the period Telcos/Broadband companies can go back to charge customers? I seem to remember that about 10 years ago, they could charge you for a period going back 6 months. I have had a bill from the Post Office for my broadband, which goes back about a year, the reason being, they had technical problems and were unable to send the bills out to some people (this is what the accompanying letter says). The bill comes to more than £132. Can they just do that? Or are there rules which say otherwise? Please fill me in. Thank you in advance.
  8. You have been receiving demands for payment since Christmas? Well, I would say you are lucky. I used to have the dual package with the PO (ie. phone and broadband), but now I only have their broadband package. I have not paid any bills for a long time (and to be quite honest, bills come in here every day, so you don't really pay attention anymore to what you do and do not pay). However, this morning I had a wake up call. I received a bill from the PO for my broadband, totalling £132.87. With it came a letter in which they apologised for the fact that "a small percentage of their customers" had not received their bills on the due date. On my bill it says that the billing period is from 16 June 2008 to 14 May 2009. Further on the bill it says that my last 2 payments (2 July 2008, £50 and 19 July 2008, £31.78 respectively) total £81.78, which is a credit amount. Then, it mentions my payments made (the £81.78), with underneath "subtotal £51.59" (where they get that from, heaven knows) and further: Broadband Extra 16 Feb to 14 June: £70.68, which, added to that mysterious subtotal, comes to the actual total of £132.87. It all looks very confusing, first of all, I cannot afford to pay that amount in one go, but furthermore, can they just do that? I seem to remember, years ago (about 1997-1998) I got an unexpected hefty bill from Telewest, and I was told a Telco could charge you bills going back to up to 6 months. While I am not with them as a telephone customer anymore, they are still a Telco, so, is that 6 month thing still in operation, as this is going back almost a year. It is also not my fault, nor my problem that they do not send out their bills on time, technical problems or not. I would like to know now if they can just charge me that amount. Are they not overstepping the mark somewhere? I assume that, if I get in touch with them, they will probably offer me a possibility to spread the payment over a number of months, but I think the whole thing is not right. Is there anyone who can offer some further advice? Thank you very much in advance.
  9. mrfdes

    A student in need

    He is in his 1st year. As far as I am aware, he only has a £200 agreed overdraft. Anyway, he paid them off with the money that came in at the beginning of this week, and now they are slapping another £66 charge on him. Can the banks really get away with anything? Anyway, thanks for your reply, I'll tell him to check that out.
  10. mrfdes

    A student in need

    Well, Rory, that is because the financial services at his university are not allowed to take cash. However, he has already set up an account with another bank, and he will go the route you described on Monday. Thank you ever so much for your reply, there might be a bit of light at the end of the tunnel, see what LloydsTSB say tomorrow morning.
  11. mrfdes

    A student in need

    Hello, we are facing a serious problem with Lloyds TSB and my son (a student): My son has got a Lloyds TSB Classic account and a Lloyds TSB Student Account. On the latter one his Student Grants and loans are being paid in. On Monday 5/1/2008 he will receive a £3000 deposit in that by the Student Grant organisation. However, he has trouble with both accounts, on the Classic one he is £400 overdrawn (of which £200 agreed overdraft) and he is £247 overdrawn on his Student Account (of which £200 is an agreed overdraft). Three weeks ago he ended up in hospital after having taken an overdose because of his problems. We tried to convince him there are a great number of people (us, his parents in the first place, but also Student services and Financial Services at his university and the banks) who are willing to help him. That was of course reckoned without the bank. He has to pay for his accomodation at university on Monday, and, together with Social Services and Financial services at university, sort out the arrears in his accomodation payments. However, my wife and my son got in touch with Lloyds today, they know there is £3000 to come on his account on Monday, but still, they are asking him for both his debit cards back. My son claims he desperately needs those cards, as this is the only way he can pay for his accomodation, but they don't want to know, although the money going in on Monday is far more than what he owes them. The result is, he has gone back into his former depressed state now, and that obviously concerns us very much. Has anyone got any idea how we can resolve that issue so that a) He can keep the use of his debit card (essential to a student), and b) The bank do not bleed him dry, so he ends up with nothing of his grant left and a heap of debt to the bank still. If anyone has any advice, please get in touch. Thank you, Two very concerned and worried parents. PS. At the moment we have not got the financial means to come to his rescue neither. Also, a prosperous 2009 to everyone.
  12. Thanks for your replies so far, I will go into more detail later on today. However, when clicking the above link, I get a 404 error. Thanks.
  13. Hello, In the past, Citizen's Advice Bureau (CAB), worked out a repayment plan for our debts, they got in touch with the creditors and made them an offer (£ 1/month). However, there were 3 creditors where the offer was not accepted as, they claimed, 'the debt had not gone to collection yet'. Now it seems the debts have gone to collection as we get letters from debt collectors, urging us to pay back and threatening to take us to court if we don't. So, we got back to CAB, sent them copies of those letters and asked them to re-open our case. This morning, we got a phone call from CAB, they tell us they cannot re-open our case as the 3 last creditors have not accepted the offer of £ 1/month (which CAB never let us know, all they said was they could not make them an offer until it had gone to collection). The only thing they suggest now is to let things run their course, and go to court, and offer them £ 1/month in court. So, basically, they are saying, "you are on your own, sort your own mess out". All they can do, they say, is send us a new financial statement. Another thing, how do they expect us to go to court, it is miles away (where they plan to have a court case), there is hardly any connection by public transport from where we live, and we are on JSA. So, how can we go there and defend our case. CAB were also friendly enough to inform us that, after the court case, "we will have CCJs against us" (Thanks for the information, very helpful and encouraging). I don't know where to go next or what to do, my wife is already on anti depressants because of all this trouble, is there anyone who knows a final alternative on how we can at least defend our case? Thanks in advance.
  14. Hi, All of a sudden, out of the blue, I have began to get letters from a company called 1st credit LTD. They claim that I owe them £ 35.25 on behalf of Demon Internet. The fact is that: a) I stopped my membership with Demon many years ago (pre 2000, I believe). b) I did give Demon notice of cancellation of my membership, more than once. My question is (or questions are): why is it, that they come asking for money after so many years? If I did owe them money, why did they not try to collect it many years ago? Can they just do that, all of a sudden harrass me for money that apparently was meant to be paid years ago, and why did they not contact me at the time? I did notify Demon (also years ago of course), but that was via email and telephone, so I have no more records of this, what are my options? Thanks in advance.
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