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  1. Hi.. A little quote from the article... From what I have experienced the first contact and charges are made without a "Knock" on the door from Medway Council bailiff's. They just slip the first few letters through the letterbox and silently creep away. I've also been woken from hearing letters pushed through the letterbox at 6am in the morning. Another bailiff stated on record at court he heard me in the house and I know I was not at home on the day and the layout of my home (a bungalow) with doors windows etc if I had been in he would have seen me as I had no curtains or wind
  2. Many thanks Andy... I really should have tackled this last week but I just get so angry when the law seems so one-sided... The anger is my problem and if only I could turn these thoughts into something constructive instead of a debilitating feeling of being just a useless punchbag... I just hope the 1st credit representative doesn't challenge me and make any dishonest statements or challenge my honesty... I feel I'll let go of any humanity I have left and do something I might regret.. Think I really need some help with my anger and evil thoughts and nightmares...
  3. Hi CitizenB The order is printed on an A4 sheet with all the order details on one side and advice on the reverse, it states roughly what I should take along to show / disclose income and outgoings and assets etc. I have no access to my credit file and all my papers and documents were put into storage back in 2009 when I lost my home and I couldn't keep up the payments with that so lost everything there. Asking for an adjournment was one thing I thought about as I honestly have no recollection of this debt and therefore don't know how to defend myself against the claim / alleged deb
  4. Hi I've received an order for questioning at my local county court and the creditor is 1st Credit Ltd. I have no idea what this alleged £3,800 debt is for as I have never to my knowledge had any dealings with them and never owed or had any credit above £1,500 apart from a mortgage. Apparently they got a judgement back in November 2008 at Northampton county court but at that time (September 2008) I had to leave my home after I was attacked with an axe handle and received threats to kill by anti-social drunken thugs and my home was invaded by the thugs. I'm attending court to
  5. Hi Here is the New 2012 £7,000,000 Chatham Buzz Station. And where is the cycle route... It's there..... The Pavement where children and the elderly (who Medway Council reckon they care so much about) have to dodge cyclists as there is no separation or marked route for cyclists and pedestrians.. Lovely LED and HID lighting along with shiny stainless fittings but no thought for how Medway residents are supposed to use it safely.. And from the other direction into the Buzz Station the cycle route is ON the pavement passing by council offices on the rather thin pavement
  6. Hi.. bit late but thought I'd add my views. I recently went to the aid of a cyclist who was cycling on the footpath at night and suffered a "blow out" with the front tyre, it shot him off the bike and he headbutted a brick garden wall, specifically the sharp corner of a brick post. Ouch...! He was not wearing a helmet and suffered a deep cut to his forehead and what looked like a deep dent in his head, plenty of blood and he left a fair bit of skin on the post. My stomach turns a little everytime I walk past the scene and is now as I type this.. Thankfully or luckily he didn't suffe
  7. Hi Xboxer, I've just started a challenge against the tax banding on a residential property and have submitted a FOI for information from the V.O.A (Valuation Office Agency) I'm going after my local council for negligence and failure and a few other things... this FOI is to discover information relating to my issues but might help you when / if they reply.. LINK.. I can't add links as under 10 posts.. Google "Errors, Mistakes And who was notified. WhatDoTheyKnow " It will be on the WhatDoTheyKnow website. It was submitted on the 27th December 2012 so it might be a
  8. I would like to join in with this thread but I cannot posts links due to only having 3 registered post on the forum. If I cannot post a link I cannot post a quote from a website or other relevant sources. If I cannot post a quote and join in the conversations it's not worth me being here..
  9. Hi nasrcity.. My experience of Kensington was very harsh and they did like to rack up the solicitors costs and monthly arrears fee. I was clear of my ERC charge so i could have sold but, remortgaging for me at the time was not possible. They started after i was three months in arrears and at the time the monthly arrears fee was added to the arrears. Now they add this to your mortgage along with all solicitors costs. I have given advice to another person recently tied into a Kensington mortgage and believe they have become slightly more aware that District judges don't take ki
  10. Hi nasrcity, From experience with Kensington i would like to ask are you dealing with them by telephone. I was in a similar situation as yourself and put my trust in Kensington to start but, after the first county court application to suspend i conducted all further matters by letter. I would advise you to do the same and if they call ask them to reply by letter. You will receive a better outcome if it should go to court and you can provide evidence of your situation and offers to pay. And the replies from Kensington if they are harsh will not sit well with most District judges.
  11. Hi binkhus... If you have cancelled the Direct Debit to Virgin Media you can expect a £5 charge on your next bill even though you will probably be in credit for the full amount of the bill, and even if there is some credit rolling over to the next month Virgin Media will still charge you a handling charge of £5. With Virgin Media you have to accept that they will more than likely never answer any letters, threaten you with costs and charges, threaten you with bad credit mark unless you behave yourself and don't cause a fuss and pay by DD.... Tis the virgin way..
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