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  1. I have had a natwest credit card for about 18 years. This was sent through the bank and was never requested by myself. I dont remember seeing or signing an agreement for it and i cannot rememebr seeing terms and conditions I have noticed that i pay a monthly PPI which to be honest i was unaware and assumed it had to be paid. I have retired and not worked for the last 4 years and I still have been paying this PPI Can I reclaim it, can I stop it and is there a basic letter template to write to my natwest credit card and ask them to stop and refund. I am a bit naive to all o
  2. Hi, in response to your query.....yes you can claim...my business account had been closed for 18 months and i still claimed...I dont know how things will go now the court case has started but its always worth a try and dont give up....I replied to every standard letter explaining that i did not think they were taking my claim personally and would they please give me a personal and detailed response...it seemed to p..s them off and eventually i got my money back and all of it....I did have the expense of sending every letter special delivery to the person who signed the letter. hope this h
  3. yes they were on the list and as i said the reiever told us that we should keep the laptops. They say they have not been told or got any letters, but we have wrote and so have the recievers. But our reciever did seem under the impression that the contract was unsecured and that beause the contract was for 3 years that rentsmart would be able to apply for the full lease outstanding...im just a bit confused because he seemed fairly sure that we should keep them.
  4. help help help..im very confused. we took out a business lease of two laptops with rentsmart a couple of years ago..a few months ago we ceased trading our business and last month declared ourselves personally bankrupt. I wrote to rentsmart several months ago to inform them of our business ceasing trading and asked if there was an option to end and purchase the laptops and got no reply. I called them prior to bankruptcy and asked if we could end early and buy and they said NO., Our official reciever told us that obviously any arrears owed to rentsmart would be sorted out by thems
  5. well finally some good news, natwest have today sent me a letter offering the full amount refunded...yipeeeeee....and a HUGE thanks to all here just to add how i progressed further, I kept receiving the same standard letter back from natwest which kept repeating and repeating itself. I returned a letter stating that i did not think that they were processing my claim very personally and that I was receiving standard letters. I asked for a personal response to my request. In this letter i stated that i would continue my claim through the courts and that because of the financial hardsh
  6. so how did you get them to make you an offer, as they seem to just send me the usual standard letter:mad:
  7. complicated and contradicting opinions..obviously this is a tricky one. If i can expain in more detail the item was sold in February, paid for via paypal. The recipient received a letter and confirmed that the item was recieved " empty"..the postage label said, the price, the service " airsure" and the weight at the time of posting. it was received opened and empty I have been backwards and forwards with royal mail and although they apparently accept the item was lost, they are asking for proof of value and payment. I have sent them a letter from my customer which stat
  8. after writing my final letter to natwest (below). I have received a standard letter back explaining the test case and asking to confirm account details and amount I am claiming. Just wondering if anybody else has received this standard letter from natwest and how they are proceeding . Dear Sir Acc ******* total charges of £3993 Thank you for your letter dated 12 September 2007 from Mrs S. Smith In response to this letter, In your letter you state that you feel the charges are fair, transparent and lawful. Iam aware that NatWest, along with other banks are invol
  9. maybe you could give me an idea why ?
  10. well I have recieved my reply from natwest EXACTLY the same letter as last time telling me to confirm the amount and it will be held on file...so looks like im gonna get nowhere:mad:
  11. Help please..Last February i posted a valuable item to America, it was posted airsure and i paid for up to £500 compensation, although royal mail have acknowledged this they are refusing to pay out as " they dont cover for labour expenses" the item was a one of art work that i did and sold for £500, it is irreplaceable..I have threatened time and again that if they do not refund the £500 i will take them to small claims...can i do this ?..and what are the usual outcomes of royal mail small claims ?..is it worth the bother or should i just do what hundreds of others do and just forget it....ple
  12. sally, thankyou again for your reply...evry little bit is helpful. I have finally composed the letter and sent it special delivery today, so fingers crossed Dear Sir Acc ******* total charges of £3993 Thank you for your letter dated 12 September 2007 from Mrs S. Smith In response to this letter, In your letter you state that you feel the charges are fair, transparent and lawful. Iam aware that Natwest, along with other banks are involved in legal proceedings with the office of fair trading regarding the legality of these charges, and that you wish store my co
  13. please guide me Im still sat, pen in hand wondering if to send my letter, can somebody let me know if they think its ok as it is
  14. more help need. Im trying to compose a letter using sallys original letter and im struggling a bit to get my point acoss. My origianl letter from natwest, which i assume is standard, suggest they thin the charges are fair, transparent and lawful. It explains that they are awaiting the outcome of the legal case with the OFT and will need to resolve the legal key issues before they can decide how to respond to my claim. It also explains to me that given the court case they have asked FOS and the courts not to proceed with any other cases until the test case is resolved and that they will re
  15. sally...cheers again seems a great letter, do you think its worth adding anything about the stay, stuff into it, as i feel that they will probably just come back with a similar letter as the last, stating that if it goes to court they will ask for one.
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