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  1. First of all, Hi!! I will apologise if this is the incorrect place, I did look up & down the topics and couldn't see one that matched up with my query. I have a DEFAULT on my Experian credit report from Sander & Kay T/A Jacamo for a grand total of £2240. I have never dealt with these people as explained below. I moved into my current address July 2012. I received a couple of letters ref this account soon after I moved in but I ignored them thinking they cant be for me, I've never held an account with them. In fact, I've never had a "catalogue" account as I would call them with anyone. The fact its a mistake or identity theft, where do I stand with this? Im now looking to move from rented accommodation & buy my first house. This somewhat isn't going to help me. I've no idea where to start with this which is why im asking for your advice. The default was registered 3/8/2012 and since those last letters last year, I've heard nothing. I have just read a thread on here in regards to Sander & Kay being useless which has not gave me the greatest confidence but id rather do it right from the outset. Thanks in advance for any advice on the matter. Regards M
  2. exellent, this does inspire my confidence. How do i do it then? Do i just write a letter stating i want to see it?? sorry for my imcompatence but ive never delt with somone as stupid as these people.
  3. Hi people, after an interesting hour of reading some very useful info on this forum id hope someone can point me in the right direction of which i can go.. I have 1 barclaycard which at the time was very hard to pay for.....Ive had alot of threats from this mercers company but get no sence out of them!! Basicly im able to pay £xx amount now to barclaycard in which i have just done. What am i to do with mercers?? the last thing i want is people knocking on my door... Any advice will be muchly appreciated, thanks for your time. mk
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