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  1. Hi i am now in the same position after being a carer for my mother how died and now father
  2. Thanks Posstggj. I thought it was as she had the same with mackenzie hall a few years ago
  3. Hi all my girlfriend how I have been with for 6 years had a letter from arvato finance limited asking for money for a debt which is over 12 years old for a telebank service she took out. Now today we have had a letter from hl legal & collection threatening all types of things legal action in a county court and there will be no further warnings. Now what I want to know is this debt statue barred as this is the first we have heard about this Many Thanks
  4. Thanks all my girlfriend just got herself in a panic when she read the letter. I told her not to worry like last time but its best for her to read this for her self Many thanks once again
  5. Hi people I sighed up to this site a good many years ago about my girlfriend getting a letter from McKenzie hall as advised we ignored the letters and they went away. Well today she had a letter from merritforce which I know are the same group of cowboys. Is it still the same cases just ignore the letter as the debt is defiantly over six years old as we have been together for nearly 8 years and she said the debt was incurred about 3 years before she met me? Many Thanks
  6. Thank you could you send me in the right direction for the statute barred letter as I can’t seem to find it in the template section and is this the one I should send registered post and with a one pound postal order Many thanks for all your help
  7. Hi all I was wondering if anyone could give my girlfriend some advice she received the red card from Mackenzie hall last month asking her to contact them but with the wonders of Google search I come across this site and told her just to ignore it as advised on these forums but today she has received another letter explaining were the debt was from and it was from a TV rental company and to avoid further action the standing order must be set up within7 days for the reduced settlement. Now I know for a fact this debt is over 6 years old as I have been with her for this long and she says the debt is around 7 and half years ago. What do you think we should do pay up or just ignore them as from reading this forum this seems to be the right thing to do? Many Thanks
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