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  1. "Some of those concerns came as a result of reported posts by others who questioned these numbers." Others should come out in the open and explain why they questioned the number of PM's by Mould and what was their motive. In the meantime Mould keep up your great contributions to this site, my best wishes to you.
  2. 2 registered looking at this ones me tother is you but cant see you
  3. So is that how I become invisable like you by pressing the red cross hhmmm good thinking PT, but then again i cant see what is going on in your posts Hope you have a good rest,you deserve it. ML;)
  4. Oh shucks, I was waiting with baited breath to see what was edited out because it might have been relevent to electric's case. Anyway Pt no problem if you don't want to expand on the editing we will leave it at that. ML
  5. Hmm, if you say so. i personally have never been convinced by Laiste's approaches as for a loss, no i don't believe that's the case at all. there are many knowledgeable people on here who can do exactley the same job Laiste did and a EDITED I am wondering why the above post from PT was edited, after all he is a Mod and should not be edited. don't you think we should have the full benifit of his opinion ? ML.
  6. Just an update on Multi Mop from ( Itsawrap) I have now put a claim in to the Post Office,and I will post the results of their investigation.
  7. Hello Barracad & Lula. No it was not insured, I just have proofof posting wich states delivery address verified, I will see my friendly Postmaster for the Form that you advised Barracad, It seems that I have no alternative but to claim from the Post Office and put it down to another lesson learned. I still feel as though I have been wrapped by 'It's a Wrap' Thank you for you help and advice, and compliments of the season to you all. ML.
  8. Hello Conniff, Yes I have proof of posting at a cost of £8.00. ML
  9. Hello Barracad, Sent by Parcel Post Royal Mail, and returned to them on the 26th November. Regards, ML
  10. Further to my posting I received this from’ It’s a Wrap’ by email this evening. “Park House is where Customer Service is based and we haven't received a parcel from you here. I am worried in case you sent it Standard Parcel as we found a high proportion of orders we despatched using this method never reached their destination. We have since changed to DHL to try and stop this problem.” If you did use Standard Parcel, it is possible to claim back from Royal Mail for the value of your parcel, assuming you have the receipt of postage”. It is not very complimentary to our Lads & Lassies at Royal Mail. When I bought this Multi Mop from them printed on the box it stated that there were three floor pads included, but there was only one in the box, I contacted them about this they said it must be a printing error as you only get one floor pad, but we can sell you three for £9.90 plus postage. Yeh,they ai’nt received The Multy Mop which was returned to them on the 26th November. Yeh Umm Yeh. ML
  11. Thanks Guys for the speedy response Return was made by Royal Mail and have proof of postage at a cost of £8.00 on the 26th Nov. Any ideas on a format of letter getting nowhere with my emails they just deny reciept Many Thanks ML
  12. Having a problem with the above with regards to a purchase I made recently and have had to return to them due to non satisfaction.They are disputing my return even though I have proof of return.Have sent numerious emails to them requesting my refund but they deny having received the goods to their returns dept? What should my step be? Regards ML
  13. Hi Polly I think Andy is refering to Letter N templates lib yes include a £1.00 and dont use your usual signiture ML
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