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  1. Yes, Thanks PKea I've posted the 'police form' on the other forum.
  2. After my complaint letter to 'Stuart Rose' (CEO M&S) about our unfair treatment, I have just received a letter from saying the police acted on their own and did not respond to any call from M&S. ''therefore M&S cannot be held responsible for a police action''. This is a lie because there was no way the police would have acted on his own initiative, the policeman wasn't even at the M&S store when we were shopping, so how come he knew we shoplifted at M&S. anther thing is, the policeman gave us a form in which he declared that he received a call via radio from M&am
  3. I've recently been this humiliated. My wife and I were recently shopping in M&S with our 5 months old daughter, we bought 2 items, paid for them and left the store to continue our shopping at TK Maxx, after entering TKmaxx, we were surprised when 2 policemen accosted my wife and said she was was under suspicion for removing items from M&S, concealing it in the buggy and not paying for them. We were detained at a corner of the TKmaxx while our small baby was crying, we were searched but the policemen found all our receipts intact and issued us a ‘stop and search’ papers saying we
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