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  1. I was just wondering if anyone knows whats going on in the test case?.. My claim against barclays is currently on hold until the outcome is released. I got a letter off barclays saying the outcome would be around the 7/8 July, but i havnt heard anything else since. many thanks
  2. Hey everyone, my case against barclays has been stayed until the oft test case has an outcome (i think its still ongoing), ive done a search on the net but im not sure where the test case is upto.... can anyone inform me on how its going on, or even a link to a site where i can find out??? also after the case, do i need to contact the court or bank?? or just wait for correspondence from them... Many Thanks
  3. okay thanks alot... Now, i have all my letters, statements and papers but what else do i need to prepare? Ive heard about a "court bundle" but havnt a clue what one involves. i realy just want to make sure im prepared. TY.
  4. Hi, I am currently going through the process of reclaiming £1400 from Barclays. I have a court date for 31st Oct but just the other week i recieved a letter from Barclays saying that they are in legal proceeding with the 0FT and that they have asked the Ombudsman not to proceed with any other case until the test case is resolved, But i have had no further correspondance with the court. Does this mean i still have to go to court on the 31st Oct? Thanks anyone.
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