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  1. Just received a nice friendly text from Barclays. Your Barclays Partner Finance account is now 2 months overdue.Your credit rating is now affected. Please call us to discuss options. removed
  2. I will scan the careers pack tomorrow and upload it here so everyone can check it out.
  3. Did anyone here pass the A+ with Advent and then receive a careers pack from them? I just found out mine and it says that they provided student days as part of their careers service which im guessing is something else that Computeach dont provide! There are lots of ways the Advent Careers team can help you find a job in I.T: Advice on where to look for jobs Help in putting together a professional CV Advice on filling in a application forms Tips for interviews. Advice on negotiating your salary package Student days around the country. Student Days give you the
  4. I just remember that i backed out of signing up for the course due to how high the monthly payments would have been, but then they came back to me with an offer to hold back £1000 for 2 years, which seems like a good thing at the time so i signed up. Interest of 29%?? that's just insane
  5. I've Just scanned all the paperwork I received from Advent and attached it to this post,they are quite good quality and hopefully someone will find them useful. Advent_Barclays documents.zip
  6. I've just opened a letter from barclays partner finance telling me that the hold on my loan account has been removed, and that my next loan installment will be due on the 10th May. I really don't want to have to pay this but feel ill have no choice unless i want my credit file ruined.
  7. Does anyone have a template letter i could send to Barclays saying im not happy with their replacement training provider and would like to be refunded? I would like to complain to the Financial Ombudsman but odviously would need to send some kind of complaint to Barclays before i do that but im not sure what to put in the letter. Thanks to everyone keeping this thread alive.
  8. Recieved this e-mail last night. 8th April 2010 Dear , Thank you for taking the time to verify your contact details. These have now been transferred to our student records system in readiness for the start of your training with us. During the contact detail verification process you may have requested contact from us regarding your contract start and end date. We are in the process of contacting all students who raised questions about their contract dates. Please do bear with us. We will be in touch with you by email on this subject in the next day or so. In the meantime
  9. Just had a email from ct about my dispute about how i thought i had as much time as i wanted to complete the course. Good Morning Daniel Thank you for verifying your contact details. During this process you indicated that you did not agree with the contract dates that we detailed for you. In order to resolve this issue, please can you let us know what contract start and end date you believe we should be working to. It should be noted that some Advent students have been led to believe that there is no contract end date for Advent training courses. Having re
  10. I have just contacted Computeach on 08009885970 and was told that they're still waiting on student files so can't tell me much information about the replacement training at the moment. The assistant told me that whatever was in my original contact would be carried over to Computeach and that this would include free retakes etc (Im guessing this is a lie!?!). I was studying the MCSE with Advent and my contract was supposed to end in July so Barclays have decided to be generous and offer me 3 months extension even though i spent most of the course time trying to get Advent to even arrange f
  11. A BIG GLOBAL CLAIMANTS FIRM HAS OFFERED TO REPRESENT EX-ADVENT, ACCESS2TRADE and PROPERTY PROFESSIONALS STUDENTS ON A NO WIN-NO FEE BASIS AGAINST BARCLAYS PARTNER FINANCE. The representative action will cover BPF clients with different circumstances such as those in arrears on their loans and now paying charges, those still paying back loans by direct debit, those fully paid off, AND those who have frozen accounts now but are still part way through their repayments.
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