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  1. Thanks but they eventually came and got it. They received it on the 22nd Dec and now I'm STILL waiting on a refund!!! Just to reiterate, never have any dealings with Dell. Their customer service (or lack of it) is the worst I've ever encountered.
  2. Barclaycard are sending me out forms to fill in to claim the money back. The thing is I've received the goods so I don't know if they'll do it. Also, they were meant to come out today to pick up the laptop and they never showed again. This is the THIRD time I have taken a morning off work for nothing. I don't get paid for being off so I'm not prepared to take any more time off.
  3. Hi, I bought a laptop from Dell and they sent me two and billed me for two. They have (supposedly) arranged for a company called Walsh Western to come out and pick up the extra one from me so it can be returned and I can get a refund. Three times I have taken a morning off work on the days they have arranged the pick-up and no one ever comes. I have been in touch with Walsh Western and they have no record of my case number or address. When I call Dell they won't let me speak to a manger and all they do is reschedule another non-existant pick-up. I have had nothing but problems since the first contact I made with Dell. Is there anything I can do? Thanks Theodjinn.
  4. Thanks for all the messages guys but I got a reply this morning and they gave me a full refund. I'll definitely go down sometime next year now as they gave me good service.
  5. Thanks for that! The thing is I already sent them an email telling them how much of an inconvenience this would cause and could they please refund me (no reply as yet). So, they know I'm not going on the world cruise...wish I'd thought of that!
  6. I recently booked 2 hospitality tickets for Man U v Wigan for my young son and myself. The original time and date for this match was 3pm on Monday 28th December. I am going down from Edinburgh for the game and the main reason for picking this date is because my girlfriend is taking her 6 year old daughter to see Miley Cyrus in Manchester on the same day. The concert venue have informed me I have to be there in person, with my credit card and identification as I paid for their tickets. I wasn't too pleased about travelling down to Manchester just after Christmas but I decided to make the most of it and go to a match at Old Trafford for the first time. Now I find out they have switched the time and date of the game to 8pm on Wednesday the 30th December! This would mean either travelling down to Manchester for the concert and then leaving again the next day and then coming back down again for the match the day after that or extending my (already booked) hotel booking for another 2 days over the Christmas period and getting the train home on Hogmanay (if there are any!). I appreciate the terms and conditions of the sale of tickets state no refunds possible but I was wondering if there is any way out of this. The date change is really going to cause me so much hassle when it should have been a mini-adventure for us. Thanks Theodjinn.
  7. I got a new Nokia N96 on Sunday form a Phones4U store in Edinburgh. After I had signed and completed the paperwork the salesman informed me that Vodafone's systems were down and it may take a few hours to get my phone activated. Since then I have contacted Vodafone who have no record of me whatsoever and I have also contacted Phones4u's head office. They tell me that Vodafone have sent an email out to their stores to say they will have all phones bought on Sunday activated by Wednesday. If my phone is still not activated by Wednesday am I within my rights to take the phone back to Phones4U? Thanks.
  8. I purchased a new phone with an 18 month contract on Orange, from Phones 4 U in November. Since then I have received messages 12 hours after they were sent and some messages I haven't received at all. Sometimes I have no signal in my house and sometimes no signal at work. I am self-employed so my phone really is my livelihood. I can't use this useless piece of plastic for the next 18 months! :o I have been very busy over Christmas and New Year (like most of us!) so haven't had much opportunity to contact Phones 4 U. I finally did get in touch with them this morning though and asked it I could cancel my contract and go back to Vodafone (with whom I never had any problems), but they have informed me that as I am outwith the 14 day cooling off period there is nothing I can do. Can anyone tell me if this is this the case? Much appreciated.
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