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  1. Hi The hyperlink up above regarding 6 years . Does this mean that if someone takes you to court applies CCJ that they cannot chase you again for the debt once the 6 years has ceased ?Thanks
  2. Thanks for your help, I will do, was hoping someone on here had received one of these and knew what it maybe to stop me worring. THanks for all your help will let you know when i find out. Thanks Ruth
  3. Hi Yes it has come from the courts, the envelope was marked St Katherines Court and mentioned before the sentence. To all parties. There is a reference for the claimant and not one next to the defendants name. Thanks very much I am so confused and so worried what this is.
  4. Hi Thanks for coming back to me. I have never received any letters to say I am behind with any payments any warnings etc just this plain letter. Wouldnt they ask me to fill a form in and on the letter state it is going back to court? It is just strange a one line sentence without any further instructions as to what is happening? I have lived at this address for 15 years so no nothing would have gone anywhere else, and as far as I am aware the payments are up to date. The CCJ was applied in March 2008 a payment was agreed by variation order by Northampton Cour
  5. I have not had a single letter to advise of late payments , delay in payments or anything like that so i dont understand. There is no advice of a court date or to fill in anything , just this message? Thanks Ruth
  6. Bumping this up see if anyone can help please. Thanks
  7. No nothing atall just this one sentence where you would expect instructions "This claim has been transferred to the the king's Lynn County Court for enforcement. " does this mean " to enforce " or it has been transferred to the NAME of " kings county court for enforcement" meanin they have just transferred the admin files. Thanks
  8. HI Ive got a letter saying notice of transfer of proceedings on the top left. It states Claimant - arrow global defendant u. Then all it says is To all parties This claim has been transferred to the the king's Lynn County Court for enforcement. That is it no forms attached, nothing, this already has a CCJ , payments are all up to date. Does anyone know why I have got this letter. It is not asking anywhere to respond so I am a bit confused and very worried. Thank you
  9. I thought that I was just pancing. But sure then if you take the loan out and want to settle after a month £7640? and the loan was £8000? Anyway update. Called them before I told them my enquiry they told me it was declined! So this being now the third seperate person telling me. They said all original documents are shredded through confidential waste when declined, so took her name. Also they said the credit check will be because my name is passed on to more than one lender when i go through a broker who may apply through welcome again and have given an address for me to wr
  10. I am going to phone them shortly to confirm declined response, get a name and check what is being sent back to me. Fingers crossed. I read the document last night . I know I applied for the loan and it took three days for a COPY of the application came out and then you are just to read this one then seven days after applying a proper copy came out which is mine to sign and read and this gives a 7 day cooling off period, on this form when you sign and return it does say that you cannot cancel the agreement once signed by us and then signed by the company it is binding agreement. Well
  11. I will have to see what tomorrow brings, thanks anyway for your help.
  12. I will do thanks, they said I should receive it by the end of the week, but presume that will be the declined response and the documents, if this is returned do you think this would be sufficient and they cannot put a land charge on the property? or do I have to ask for the forms back. Surely if I have the declined response in my hands then they woudl be illegal to put a charge on the property? I can imagine them to be a pain to get the forms back from? just say though that these two people had given me wrong information regarding the decline? Would I still be able to return the cheque
  13. Just to add I have checked my internet banking and there is no direct debit set up from them atall?
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