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  1. 2.5 years ago when this reared its ugly butt, the debt was already Statued Barred and neither Barclays (the original creditor), Ruthbridge or Cabot could not supply the original credit agreement or the Deeds of assignment. They did start the legal proceedings but when I wrote to their solicitors requesting info they came back with the Notice of Discontinuance, which was in Feb 2008. I can only assume from what you have said they are now clutching at straws..I will dig all the old paper work out and send them a snotty letter along with re-igniting the complaint too the OFT etc.. I will keep you informed...Thank god I kept every piece of paperwork from 2 years ago..and there was me thinking it was dead and buried....oh Happy Days:D
  2. After reading loads of threads Im tempted just to ignore them until I get court papers.....good idea?? or shall I have a play with the crapbots for a while???
  3. Right then guys...2 years on Just got home and there is a letter from Cabot chasing the debt again. The letter is a generic one and it has no mention of the notice of discontinuance from 2 years ago... What do I do??? Do i just send them a copy of the notice?? or do I have to go through the whole process again???
  4. A Charging Order is a creditors way of protecting their interests i.e. money. If you go to the Official Land Registry website there will be publications on Charging Orders. Its unlikely it will be removed from your title deeds as when the Land Registry receive the application to register the Order its already signed and sealed by the court. Though you should of been served notice of any court action and thats when you should of objected.
  5. I would like to thank everyone on this site that has given me their time and knowledge to help me fight this for my brother.. Chuffed to bits that we took on the big boys and WON....YIPPIE THANK YOU (and keep up the good work)
  6. Well Ive just rang the Court and they have received the Notice of Discontinuance from Cabot and have informed me that that is it matter closed.. So I supposed its safe to say its all over???
  7. Right then Guys Just got home from work all prepared to build the defence to send to court and there was a letter from the Solicitors acting for Cabot The covering letter states We enclose herewith by way of service upon you, Notice of acting together with Notice of Discontinuance Then attached is the Notice of Acting dated 3 March 2008 which states TAKE NOTICE that we Messrs Hodsons of glebe house, 2 Clifton Road, Rugby CV21 3PX have been appointed to act as Solicitors on behalf of the Claimant herein as the Claimants wish to continue with this action Then attached is a Notice of Discontinuance to the Court also dated 3 March 2008 which states The Claimant Discontinues all of this claim against the defendant It hasnt been signed by the judge to grant permission for the claimant to discontinue all of this claim etc it also states I certify that I have served a copy of this notice on every other party to the proceedings.. SO Does this mean they are withdrawing any action? and if so can they try again at a later date? Shall I still send in all my defence paperwork?
  8. Shall I mention that I am using a different address for service purely because Cabot and Ruthbridge were phoning my elderly mother and stating bailiffs would attend and cease her property and she became stressed and that if its to go to court could the bring it into Gloucester County Court rather than Reading County Court??
  9. Thank you such much..is worth me mention also that I have since last August requested th CCA from the original lender and Cabot together with the fact that they say £1 payment was made in Oct 07 when in fact my letter clearly stated that it was the fee for a copy of the CCA?? Do I include all past correspondence also? Whats the likelyhood of this being thrown out based on previous experience????
  10. ANYBODY ANY IDEAS?????? PLEASEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  11. The only way to proect your interest in the property is to lodged a Matrimonal Home Rights notice at the Land Registry. (I used to work for Land Registry) Go on their website download the MHA form and fill it in..It is free to do so though your husband will be served notice of it. What this will do is stop any transaction with the property taking place without your consent. Technically he could sell the house and keep the money
  12. HELP I sent the CPR letter and their 10 days were up today and ive received nothing nor an acknowledgement from them either. Ive got till the 14 March to reply to court but want to do me defence now as Im getting married in 2 weeks and want it all sorted.. What is my next step???????
  13. received the stuff from court on the 14th FEn and sent acknowledgement back on the 15th by recorded delivery so the should get it tomoro (18th) Ive given solicitors till the 26th Feb for info..
  14. Can anyone advice me on how to build my defence for court???
  15. Cheers for that..just done the letter and a update to FOS..
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