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  1. After my hubby blew their heads off over the phone and told them in no uncertain terms where to get off, they have never contacted us again. They don't like the threat of legal action against them. That was enough to send them scurrying back under the stone they crawled out of
  2. Methinks you could be right. My friend came down here for a couple of days a few weeks ago and we run off the CCA templates from here and she sent them off by Recorded Delivery. What she got back was just an offer of a mortgage. No signed documents or anything like it. The CCA went to DLC who dropped it like a hot potato, telling her to write to Southern Pacific (who own Capstones. Worth mentioning that Southern Pacific have a very dodgy past. Think there's a thread about them elsewhere on here). The letter she got back came from Hillesden. I'll copy that too and put it up. I have
  3. Yes Deb T. This has been ongoing for some time. Friend has now got off the phone so I can fill you in with more details as best I can. Either she's been extremely naive or has stuck her head firmly in the sand. Here's the cruncher. She also sent me copies of her bank statements relating to the house They got the mortgage in the November of 2006. They were late with the first payment of just under £600. Without going and getting the paperwork she sent me, to save time I'll just be approximate. She was only a few days late with the payment, something about either her or her
  4. There is much more to it but having her on the phone is making it very difficult to think and type. Back shortly
  5. As my friend's still on the phone and I need to type up a lot more than there is here, give me an hour or so and I'll post again with more info.
  6. Postggj. That's what I would have thought but it seems this "indemnity insurance" is over and above that. It's quite difficult for me to get to grips with this as I'm basically being the messenger. At the moment my friend is paying £60 a month for this "indemnity" thing as that's all she can afford so they are now trying to get her to pay the whole £29,000 in one hit or they are going to take her to Court. They stopped her Direct Debit so she's been paying by Postal Order £60 per month. DebT. It's Capstones that are charging her this amount every month. Think I'm probably go
  7. My friend's on the phone right now. Mortgage was for £94,000 and taken out 2006.
  8. The ongoing saga with my friend, Southern Pacific, DLC and Hillendens continues. She had her house repossessed last year and they are charging her £29000 for an "indemnity" insurance - even though the sale of the house cleared the mortgage. She sent a CCA to DLC asking for the CCA relating to her remortgage (this is the friend who has lost everything). They promptly dumped it onto Hillendens. She has sent me copies of what they sent to her. In the whole thing, I cannot see anywhere that has a signature on it. It looks more to me like an offer of a mortgage rather than the agr
  9. Heh-heh. I wasn't born yesterday. I won't give anyone any information over the phone, not even my name. To many unsavoury characters trying to get personal details for nefarious activities these days Anyway, it would seem that our phone is ex-directory. I tried getting the number through one of the directory enquiry lines to be told politely that they could not give the number as it was ex-directory. As it happens, the morons phoned back again (harrassment starting?) Thursday morning but hubby was in and answered the call. Gave them a load of bullsh*t and told them never to pho
  10. Don't forget most e-mail services such as Incredimail have "block sender" and boomerang facilities where you can bounce the e-mail back to the sender so they think that e-mail address no longer exists. Very useful for getting rid of the 1001 different people trying to flog you this, that and the next thing:)
  11. Very few people have my new number - because it is so new. My bank's got my mobile number only so they wouldn't have got it there. Don't have any other creditors. I have just had a horrible thought though - and I'll find out shortly. I'm wondering if the phone company's made an error and listed us instead of putting us ex-directory. A quick phone call from another phone to one of the directory enquiry lines should find that out. If so, I should think someone is going to get a rocket stuck up their behind! I'm not particularly worried about iQuor/Preston because the "debt" is
  12. I had a phonecall from a rather snotty, aggressive young man who demanded to know who I was. I refused to say who I was and demanded to know who he was, to which he mumbled something and I caught the word "Preston". Eventually, I got fed up with him and told him to go away in the time honoured tradition of two words. Foxtrot Oscar! Less than two minutes later, the phone rings again. This time a nice young lady. She also got told to Foxtrot Oscar and told, in no uncertain terms, that if her company phoned my number I would do them for harrassment. Today, I was out and my hubb
  13. Both my German Shepherds sleep in our bedroom. They have their own beds next to ours. Ours were older when we got them (both rescues). Our first, the day after we brought him home from the rescue kennels, I will never forget the look of wonderment as he woke up and realised he wasn't in a kennels but in a house as part of a family. He looked all round the room then jumped up on our bed wagging his tail furiously and giving us a bath before we'd even got up. Last year we adopted another Shep. This one was younger, little more than a pup. He just wanted to sleep on our bed with us
  14. Haven't had any more phonecalls from these people. I'm not the only one who's had them. A couple of my colleagues have had them too. Checking them out on the internet it would seem that they've been [causing problems] for some time. On that number they have been a book company, then an advertising company now a "debt/financial" company quoting the (old) government "initiative" for paying off debts (at a price). People who have been daft enough to talk with them usually find they get a whacking great invoice for goods/services they've never ordered. As for the Provident/Lowell
  15. Just a little update folks. Due to not getting home early enough, I haven't, as yet, contacted the OFT. However, my Provi lady is not long away. She did bring up the subject. It would seem she knew about it last Thursday (she visited me socially and I knew there was something bothering her). We got the letter on Friday. I told her it was an unenforceable debt as it was something from years ago (in fact, I think it may actually be time barred or not far short of it, hence Lowlife's getting desperate). As soon as I said that she didn't want to know anything more about it. She said sh
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