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  1. Thanks. I contacted the retailer and they have now agreed to refund the postage when I produce the receipt of postage.
  2. I purchased a new DVD drive 14 days ago from a computer company online. Just got around to fitting the drive and it turns out to be faulty. The company have issued a RMA number and address for returning the item, but am I responsible for the postage return cost. Is this correct? I thought the return of faulty goods and postal charges was the responsibility of the retailer?
  3. I also got my new contract last week, but for some reason it was just the gas contract. No mention of the electric contract or it's tariffs? Supervillain, did you receive information on both contracts?
  4. Maxxpower I am glad that you managed to get in on the NPower capped deal as well. I personally don't blame Ed Milliband for the energy price increases, they have been occurring every year for the last few years and more or less at the same rate. In fact I applaud Mr Milliband for bringing these scandalous energy price increases to the attention of the British public, something had to be done. But this is my own personal opinion and I dont want to get into any kind of political argument, just glad that we both managed to get in on the offer..
  5. Thanks for the replies. I have just received an email from NPower, explaining that my new contract will not be affected by the recent price increase. So hopefully the switch will be a good saving.
  6. I signed for a new contract with Npower last week for a fixed capped contract until April 2015. Typical the announcement was made today for a rise in NPower prices on Dec1st. I have never done a switch of energy companies before, so I am a bit lost of how a switch works? When I signed last week I was informed that there are various stages of the transfer: 10 Oct-24 Oct = Confirmation of your Contract Details. 24 Oct- 7 Nov = Your Energy Supply Date 7 Nov- 21 Nov = Provide Meter Readings 21 Nov- 5 Dec = Your account is set up If the finalisation of the transfer over is on 5th Dec, does this mean that I will find that I will paying the new price increase tariff on the remainder of my new contract?
  7. I recently purchased a dehumidifier from an ebay seller. Item was listed to be brand new and seemed to be a bargain. I sent a message to the seller just to confirm that the item was brand new i.e box unopened, I also asked does the humidifier come with the manufacturers warranty. I was informed that yes the item is brand new and comes with the manufacturers 12 month warranty. What I didn't realise was the the seller is private, checking the product registration it is requesting what company was the dehumidifier purchased from and the date? Because this was a private ebay sale. I dont believe that I will be able to register the product for any warranty problems. Any advice please?
  8. yes she was on incapacity benefit and then went on to the support group esa but like so many others she was taken off the support group for no reason and is now is under a review. But she does not have anything like the 35 years to qualify.
  9. I am trying to work out the new Pension Bills for married couples to be introduced in 2016. The new pension is now to be based on the individuals and not couples. In my case I have worked over 35 years (the qualifying number of years for a pension), but my wife hasn't due to health problems. So I presume that I will receive the new pension rate of £144, but what would happen in the event of my death? would she be left without any type of pension? If she had been working for 35+ years would we have been entitled to the full pension twice i.e. £144x2 because pensions will be based on individuals?
  10. Thanks for the information. Any idea if the National Insurance contributions are still paid for carers?
  11. I am currently receiving a carers allowance because my wife is disabled and is receiving middle care DLA. I believe that DLA is to be stopped in the near future and replaced with PIP, when this happens any idea what is going to happen to the carers allowance?
  12. I also notice that the Housing Benefit is also subject to the 1% inflation cap. On average social housing rent increases around 5% per year, so I now presume that the tenant will now be responsible to cover the 4% deficit?
  13. I have found out why she is not entitled to sick pay. It's the change in Lower Earnings Limit From April 2012 the limit was changed to £107, she's earning slightly below this figure and therefore now does not pay National Insurance Contributions or Income Tax, and is now not entitled to sick pay.
  14. She's been working there for 20 years, it's a caring home. She was previously entitled to sick pay, but the employer stated that the government have changed things recently and you now have to earn £107 to get sick pay. Which seemed strange because most changes come out in April.
  15. My daughter works part time 16 Hrs a week. She had to take two weeks off because she was ill, her employer informed her that she is not entitled to sick pay for the time she took off. She was told that you have to earn £107 per week to be entitled to sick pay. Is this correct?
  16. So if she is on an Assessed Income Period which I suspect she is. When the current Assessed Income Period ends and is due for a review what happens if her savings are over £10K? does the £1 per week income for every £500 over £10K then apply?
  17. Thank you. She is getting full HB & CTax Benefit although she does pay a small amount of housing benefit because she rents privately and is slightly above the Councils rent upper limit. How would she get clarification that she is receiving an Assessed Income Period?
  18. My mother who is 92 is currently receiving guaranteed pension credits and is also receiving housing benefit. She is worried that her savings may affect these benefits, she has only got some small savings but wants to know the savings limit before it affects her benefits. Any idea of the savings amount that are allowed before it affects her benefits?
  19. Purchased 3 bags of compost from a builders merchants seemed a bargain 3 bags for £10, however when I went to pay they then charged VAT so it added an extra £2. I am wondering if the store can do this? the bag clearly shows 3 bags for £10 presumably the manufacturers retail price.
  20. My son has worked in a small local supermarket since he left school. Part time work around 18 hrs a week but he is happy just to have a job. New owners took over the shop around a year ago and they have been gradually cutting the staffs hours down. Last week he only worked 3 hrs and he has had a message not to turn up next week for work with no pay. There are four other staff all in the same situation. I asked him if he had a work contract and he said no, a contract was never given with the new employers. Is it a legal obligation to have a contract? Obviously he cannot work for 3 hrs a week or to be told not to come in without pay. What options does he have with regards to Job Seekers or benefits of some kind? or any other advice would be very much appreciated.
  21. We have requested a Welfare Rights officer to assist us with the ESA50 form, form to be returned by Nov 2nd. Still awaiting the call out from WR, they are very busy. My wife asked her G.P for a medical certificate or a letter for evidence of her condition, which we thought would necessary to return with the ESA50 form. However, the doctor who fully supports her condition and agrees that she will never be fit enough to return back to work said that a medical certificate was not necessary at this stage. Medical Certificates and letters are usually requested from the DWP when they make a request. Is this information correct? seems to conflict other persons views with the ESA changeover.
  22. Thanks for the replies, it doesn't appear to be such a stressful experience after your comments. Janie1962 I suspect the appeal form was just another test for your OH capabilities?
  23. My wife is currently on Incapacity Benefit she recently had a letter to migrate from IB to ESA. After reading on the changes I am shocked, it appears that very few candidates will go onto the support group. She cannot walk 50 Yds and needs assistance for any limited walking that she does do. It looks like the ESA may classify her onto the work related activity group?? that is just an assumption going by other people experiences. If this is the case will she be allowed to have assistance (an aid) to get to these work focused interviews ? Am I allowed to go along with her to these interviews? and in the event of her being put back into work, am I expected to go with her to her work place? I just cannot believe what the new ESA system is requesting for genuine disabled people to do!
  24. Thank you for your information. Another question if I do claim for Carers Allowance for looking after my mother, does she then have a reduction in her money for attendance allowance?
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