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  1. My wife who is disabled is currently receiving PIP she receives the two parts both at the high rate. Her award is £145.35 per week, however the payment that is paid into her account monthly is £581.40. Doing a quick calculation £145.35 x 52 (weeks per year) = £7558.20 per year, divide by 12 for the monthly payment and the payment is £629.85 per month. Am I missing something in my calculation for the differences in the monthly amount?
  2. Thank you. Your information confirms that it is pointless registering a product for the manufacturers warranty when it is the supplier who is responsible for any problems..
  3. I purchased a power tool from Amazon last year, at the time the goods was on a reduced promotional price. I chose this tool because it came with a three year manufacturers warranty. This week the power tool developed a problem and I contacted the tool manufacturers because I registered the warranty when I made the purchase. The company informed me that I should contact Amazon to report that there is a problem with the tool and they will have to sort out the problem. I contacted Amazon and I was informed that I could not have a direct replacement (probably because the price of the tool as doubled). They also would not arrange a warranty repair. The only option was to offer a refund at the promotional price and that I could make a new purchase at the full price. I find this unfair because Amazon have the tool in stock and will not offer a replacement. It also makes you think what is point of having a manufactures warranty when it goes back to Amazon for any decisions. Any comments would be very much appreciated. Thanks
  4. Panic over! The second delivery crew were excellent and managed to get the furniture into the property, and with no damage.
  5. Thank you for your information which is very useful. Hopefully the second crew will be able to get the furniture in. In the event that the furniture still cannot be put into the property, what is the normal procedure? Do these companies just leave the furniture outside? or return the furniture and offer a refund or a credit note?
  6. No objections with foreign crew. The problem is that they could not understand what I was saying and how the previous furniture was put in place by a different crew.
  7. The fault is with the delivery drivers. The crew that were sent did not have a clue and did not realise that the sofa had to be put upright and then revolved around the door frame. I tried to make them understand but they were foreign and could not speak English very well.
  8. I purchased a new 2 seater sofa and 2 chairs from SCS, the delivery turned up today and the delivery men were unable to get the furniture into the property. They were useless couldn't speak much English and give up. There is another attempt arranged to deliver tomorrow with a different crew, hopefully this crew will be more professional. What I would like to know is what would happen if the second crew also fails to get the furniture into the property? Could I request a refund? I have never had problems before with getting furniture in and out of the property and that is with larger furniture i.e a 3 seater sofa.
  9. There is no issue proving that my wife's disability justifies the need to be re-housed. The housing association have also acknowledged that we need to be re-housed and have classified our application to be urgent. We now find ourselves in the position that there is little chance of us being re-housed due to the lack of disabled housing stock.
  10. As feared we are still living in the same property, due to the lack of vacant disabled properties.
  11. My daughter recently purchased a car from a large car trader in South Wales. She was told that the car had a full service history, which she later found out that there was no service history. She also later found out that the car is an ex-company car (fleet car), which she was not informed about by the car salesman. She paid over the book price for the car because she was under the impression that the car had a full service history and too later find out that the car is an ex-company car she now feels conned. The car sales company are not interested. Is there an obligation by the car sales garage to disclose that the previous owner was a company and that the car was a fleet vehicle?
  12. I presume the HA contracted the OT, the firm they used specialises in private independent assessments. I don't believe the question was asked if we were happy with the recommendations, there were a number of recommendations that we were unaware of until we read the report which was several weeks after the assessment.
  13. Yes it was an independent OT firm used. During the assessment a number of adaption's were recommended which we did not dispute because they seemed relatively minor at the time and maybe of benefit for future use. We did not realise the extent of the adaptions that had been recommended until we were provided with a copy of the assessment report. Most of the information is inaccurate and what was concerning is that the report states that my wife relies on a wheelchair all of the time, this is wrong she only uses a wheelchair for any long distances. This was discussed during the assessment and I cannot understand why the OT is stating this on her report. I am now in the position I do not know who to direct my complaint to? The report is inaccurate and the OT firm are not interested, the HA are stating that they are going on the OT report and it is independent report and will not change their view on the matter.
  14. We recently made a request to our housing association to be re-housed due to health problems and my wife suffers with mobility issues. My wife's doctor also provided a supporting letter to the housing association to verify that there were health problems. The housing association arranged for their own independent occupational therapist to assess my wife's mobility issues and to provide a report to the housing association. The housing association agreed that there was an urgent need to be re-housed although the property must have a number of major adaptions in place and the housing association has very limited stock of adapted properties and a very long wait is expected. We could not understand why the assessment outcome was for all of these adaptions to be in place. The housing association provided me with a copy of the occupational therapist report and most of the information is inaccurate and way over the top. I have complained to the housing association that the occupational therapist report is inaccurate which has resulted in us unlikely ever to be re-housed. I have contacted the occupational therapist's firm to see why they have made so many errors on their report and they will not comment. My legal question is that I wish to challenge the findings of the occupational therapist's assessment (which was organised by the housing association by their independent OT). Do I challenge the housing association who arranged the assessment or the occupational therapist's firm? Thank you
  15. My complaint or gripe with the HA is that the major adaptions that they are recommending are unnecessary and will not be used. We were only informed of the outcome of the HA OT report a few weeks later, the problem now is that we can only apply to be re-housed in disabled properties with major adaptions and there are none available or a very long wait. The HA have recognised that we need to be re-housed urgently, unfortunately by putting us into the severely disabled category will only result in a very long wait and therefore not urgent.
  16. Thank you for your information. The problem is not the evidence of my wife's health condition. HA have recognised that there is a sufficient evidence for the need to move under medical grounds and they have classified the move to be under the urgent category. However, there are very limited if any disabled properties available, and then there may be a waiting list for other disabled tenants who are also under the urgent category. There are a much higher numbers of General Needs properties with the same HA and are suitable but may need minor adaptions like grab rails etc, unfortunately the HA are adamant that General Needs properties are not available for people with disabilities due to the lack of adaptions, which is why I am questioning the Equality Act 2010 which indicates that landlords cannot refuse the installation of minor adaptions for the disabled. Whether this act applies moving to a potential property I do not know? But it does seem like discrimination against the disabled.
  17. Myself and my disabled wife (registered) live in a housing association one bedroom flat. My wife suffers with spinal degeneration and needs a bedroom for herself because she in pain in during the nighttime when trying to sleep. We have spoken to our doctor who was very supportive and wrote a letter to the housing association stating that living in our current tenancy is no good for my wife, there is also a social problem with a new neighbor who is affecting my wife's mental state of health which was also mentioned in the supporting letter. We contacted the housing association and requested that we wished to find alternative accommodation. The housing association arranged for an occupational therapist visit and her report was way over the top, her recommendations was for a gradual sloped access with hand rails both sides of the pathway, my wife uses a walking stick and does not use handrails and there is no problem at our current property without hand rails. A wet room was also one of the recommendations in case my wife's condition got worse over the years, again she is coping fine with our current bathroom with a walk in shower. We were informed that we could only apply to be re-housed with a property with all of these adaptions in place. We thought that this would be OK until we found that the housing association has very little stock of these type properties and we may have to wait years for one to come available. We asked if we could apply for a general needs property instead because there are more of these type properties in stock and if necessary we would carry out any minor adaptions with the help of social services at our own cost. We would not be interested in any properties with difficult access like lot of steps etc or any major mobility issues.. Our request was turned down by the housing association and they were adamant that we can only apply for a disabled property, which is stupid because we are living in a non-disabled property and we coping fine except for the lack of the extra bedroom. I am wondering if the housing association can turn our request to be re-housed down in a general needs property? The Equality Act 2010 states that the landlord has a duty to make reasonable adjustments if required. I am no expert in this law, anyone able to advise on this act?
  18. Looks like I have a problem. Tracking is showing that the goods to have been delivered although checking online tracking the goods have been delivered to a different post code. Paypal are not happy and are stating that tracking must show the correct postal address. Any advice please?
  19. The Paypal payment was taken from my credit card the value of the goods are £62. Is there a case for contacting my credit card company?
  20. I have a problem with goods purchased from China with a Paypal payment and the goods received did not work. I opened a resolution case with Paypal and I was requested to return the goods using a tracked mailing service. This I did and the goods are confirmed to have been returned back to the seller and shown to have been delivered by the mail tracking. My case is nearing the 30 day resolution period and I have contacted Paypal who appear to being nothing about closing my case and issuing a refund. If my request is ignored and I receive no refund are there any legal proceedings that I can take to recover my money?
  21. I have just taken out a new 18 month contract with TalkTalk Broadband. The installation is being carried out in 24 days time, however the right to cancel the contract is 20 days from the date of order. This seems a bit unfair especially if the service turns out to be poor. Are there any other regulations that I can use if the service does turn out to be substandard?
  22. Forgot to mention that one of the problems that contribute to the problem is the lack of sound insulation at the property, wooden floor boards and not concrete like most flat type properties. We only moved into this property due to the fact that it is for elderly people only with no children and we were under the impression that there would be no noise issues, how wrong can you be!
  23. Thank you for your reply. The flats where I live are just a one up one down, so no other complaints. Like I said on my original message it is not so much the volume of the music, it's the "boom boom" droning noise in the background which I believe is caused by a music system with a sound bar and a sub woofer speaker. I don't even know if this type of noise will be picked up on any sound monitoring equipment? The noise is very irritating especially after a few hours. Checking my tenancy agreement one of the conditions are that tenants must not create excessive noises from music systems etc that inferiors with the quiet enjoyment of other tenants premises. Hopefully this will be picked up by the housing officer who is visiting later today.
  24. Myself and my wife moved into a 55 age group housing association flat around four years ago. It's been bliss for the four years, now the housing association has moved in a new tenant above us, he's a 58 year old Heavy Metal fanatic, our worst nightmare! As expected the noise has started to get worse, especially since the tenant purchased a boom box and a sound bar sound system, the noise isn't particularly loud but there is a constant boom boom noise which gets to you after a while. We went to see the tenant and asked him very nicely if he could turn the volume down because the noise is booming in our living room. The person got very angry and said that the housing association informed him that he could play his music whenever he wants and at what volume he wants. The housing officer is calling to see both of us tomorrow, but I dont hold my hopes up because this tenant is so selfish and inconsiderate. What makes matters worse is that my wife suffers with high blood pressure and has had a few strokes, she's been crying for the last two days because of the fear that our home has been ruined by the selfish actions of this tenant. If in the event that the housing association fails to do anything would they be responsible for arranging a transfer for us under the duty of care? I know this is a drastic way to resolve the problem, but I can see nothing but trouble by staying at this tenancy.
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