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  1. I have sent a formal complaint to the H.A because I don,t believe that I should have been reported for ASB due to the circumstances that I didn't instigate the argument or aggression and the confrontation from me was only to defend my wife and myself. The H.A seem adamant that I will be reported for ASB and that my tenancy record will be marked. This is going to have a devastating effect we have been waiting for a transfer because my wife is disabled and the current property is unsuitable after an OT assessment, if we are reported for ASB our transfer application will be cancelled. Also other H.A will not put you on their housing lists if you have an ASB record. I really need to prove my case and that I am not guilty of ASB, perhaps I should be seeking legal advice and for a legal representative to represent me throughout my complaint?
  2. Thank you so much for taking the time and effort for your reply. I will most certainly raise the points you have raised with my HA. Yes, I have been notified by the HA that there are intentions to report me for a breach of contract (no mention of which clause but I suspect it will be something to do with ASB), they are unable to carry out any legal proceedings until the end of this month because of the Covid situation. I have raised a formal complaint to the HA and I have only received an acknowledgement of the complaint. The housing officer who was present asked me if they wanted to call the police we declined which was probably the wrong thing to do, the housing officer then asked us to return to our apartments which myself and my wife did, the tenant who started all of the trouble didn't and just continued to argue with another tenant. I do realise that the correct procedure would have been to walk away which is very difficult when your wife is under threat. Do I have a legal right under self defence, my wife and myself were being threatened and luckily no physical violence took place?
  3. This is now getting worse. I have been informed by the housing association that they are now intending to report me for a breach of my tenancy contract and we are now at risk of being evicted. This is ridiculous I was only defending my wife against a lunatic who instigated an argument and the aggressive behaviour and was threatening my wife. I am considering that I need to seek legal advice over this?
  4. I live in a social housing property with my wife we have just received aggressive behaviour from another tenant. This tenant confronted my wife when she was speaking to a housing officer outside of the property. I was in the property at the time and I could see exactly what was happening. The tenant was uninvited to this meeting and started shouting, waving his hands at her, in her face (regardless of any social distancing) spitting in anger and I honestly though that he was going to hit her. I ran out of my property shouting at the tenant and told him what is he doing and don't shout at my wife. Only for myself to be confronted with aggression and abuse from him and he was shouting " come on hit me then" I was so angry that I nearly did, but luckily I did not. I reported the incident to my social housing association and I received notification from them today which is stating that they are sending warning letters out to myself and the other tenant for having aggressive behaviour which may affect our tenancy. I just cannot believe that I have been turned into a guilty party when I my wife was being threatened and I was only defending her. Can the housing association carry out this type of action when I was only defending my wife?
  5. Thank you for your reply. The scanner is for personal use. I contacted Staples and as suspected they tried to "pass the buck" onto Brother stating that their warranty is only for 30 days. I will contact Staples again insisting that they are responsible for the repair or a replacement under the consumer rights act 2015. Hope to provide an update when Staples reply.
  6. I purchased a scanner from Staples online around 3 months ago and the scanner has developed a fault. The scanner is a Brother model and comes with a 12 month warranty. Who should I seek to get the scanner to be repaired or replaced, Staples the retailer or Brother the manufacturer?
  7. Yes, my letter was sent has a formal complaint and addressed to the Service Improvement Team.
  8. I have already raised a complaint which was at the same time when I give the company 14 days to sent out the forms.
  9. I am having a problem with one of my private works pension. I am due to retire next year and I have made a request to this pension company to send me the relevant forms so that I can transfer (pension pot) to another company which I have another pension with. They promised to send me the relevant forms within 15 days and I have not received anything. I contacted the company again who promised someone would contact me when someone was available, again no call back was received. At a last resort I sent a registered letter to the company requesting for the forms to be sent out within fourteen days, again nothing received. Any advice on what else I can do in this type of situation?
  10. The two pension companies are waiting for my decision on what to do with them. I will more than likely request to leave the both pots alone until I reach my state pension age and then take out an annuity.
  11. The Age UK information is available from here http://tinyurl.com/y38n39bx which is much easier to understand, although some of the information seems to conflict with other advisory organisations.
  12. Bit of an update, another private pension with another old company turned up this week with a pension pot value of around £10k the previous pension company had a pension pot of around £26k. Both companies have the option to do nothing and leave the pots alone until I reach my official state pension age in around 18 months time, which is the option I would prefer to do. Age UK and the Money Advice Service are stating that because I am below state pension age and not taking income from the pension pots the DWP does not have to be informed until I reach state pension age. Does this information seem correct? I don't want to break any DWP rules.
  13. It's not with an insurance company it's a works pension scheme.
  14. I am currently claiming Joint ESA (Support Group) for myself and my wife who is disabled, I am her carer. I am due for retirement in 18 months time, today I received a letter from a private pension from a company that I worked with a few years ago. The letter notified me that this private pension would start paying monthly payments of £80 per month from December 2019 when I am 65. Being on ESA I don't want to go onto Universal Credit if at all possible. Will this private pension trigger a change for Universal Credit to be applicable? What would be the situation if I deferred this private pension until my official retirement age of 66?
  15. I contacted the manufacturer again today and they have promised to send me a replacement power tool free of charge, which is great news. The retailer was "Power Tool Mate" and the manufacturer was "Ryobi"
  16. Thank you, on checking the retailers reply - "Unfortunately, we only offer a 30 days return policy, Please note you are covered by the manufacturer's directly for a years’ warranty." The manufacturer is not interested because they state the product should have been registered within 30 days of the purchase. I did register the product on purchase! Is the retailer still responsible I don't want all of the hassle trying to contact the manufacturer and for trying to work out a solution.
  17. I purchased a power tool from an online retailer back in Oct 2018. The tool has developed a fault and I contacted the retailer for either a replacement or a repair under warranty, the retailer told me to contact the manufacturer for this request. I always presumed it was the retailer who was responsible for any warranty work? Is it the retailer or the manufacturer I should be contacting regarding my problem?
  18. It's just over £70, not much I know but I am adamant that there are no arrears owing.
  19. Is that the last payment from my previous tenancy dwelling, the one that is now in dispute? I have continued paying rent too date on the new tenancy.
  20. I received a letter today from my housing association informing me that I was in rent arrears from a property which I rented with them over six years ago. I strongly dispute that there any arrears owing and I have contacted the housing association for information about this debt.My question is, is there a time limit for requesting rent arrears? This letter came 'out of the blue' and it's the first time we have had any knowledge of alleged arrears.
  21. That maybe the answer? I will have to check back on previous payments. Any idea which month of the year is the usual month for two payments?
  22. Yes, I do realise that. There are however 12 PIP payments per year so the monthly calendar rates still appear to be incorrect?
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