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  1. Hi, what about if he could get a afamily member to pay say £5000 of the arrears off for him? any help or a waste of time?
  2. Hi Total arrears is £19000 with £1700 charges included in that amopunt total loan is £321215.69 contractual amount due £561 DWP did pay 468 and will do again from April 8th onwards, can anyone help ? Ellenn?
  3. Hi, lender is Santander was Alliance and Leicester and just enquiring about charges and will post back ASAP Thanks
  4. Hi, My friend, yes not me honest! has just recieved a 28 possession order yesterday. He is beside himself with worry and has suffered a serious breakdown before, which is why i writing on his behalf, also im not new to this so can help as well. He went to court, told him to get there early as mediation or a"chat" with the other side is usually possible, he offered the contractual payment plus £100 per month, he is currently unemployed as was also made bankrupt which meant he couldnt find any work in his field which is mortgages ironically. He was unemployed for a while and was getting DWP mortgage relief and has told he will get that again in April which will cover most of the contractual interest only payment. What can he do? he has a partner and 2 kids, and the arrears are about £18k. The other side didnt reach an agreement and asked for either a 28 or 56 day possession order and the judge gave a 28 day one. Please advise on what to do next, and any other info needed to help answer this one. Many thanks in advance Excel
  5. MBNA have reduced themselves to pretending the the terms and conditions essential to a valid cca were on the back of page 1 (yeah right) funny how they can copy but dont have any originals anywhere at all:eek: cant believe that the signature box can be on page 1 but the essential t & c on page 2 dont believe that the back of the same piece of paper as decided in manchester is in the spirit of the clarification given on cca documents but even if it is why would the signing box be before the essential info? maybe because it was NEVER on there. if anyone has 1998 original would be eternally gratful.
  6. Please dont take this the wrong way but you have put far too much effort into these idiots, i have never seen them take anyone to court with this crap from crap one, but will leave on your credit file regardless, now i can see from your letters you have the knowledge of the law,however the realism is Lowell will not take you to court or do anything other than send letters either from Red debt or Hamptons illegal and themselves, But will not remove from their list because those that have power to stop them do Bu***r all about it, so will stay on your credit record. Wouldnt waste another second of your life on these wasters, or your could email the C.O.O at [email protected]:D:D
  7. Welcome are on the verge of extinction so probably cant afford a court case!!!! No seriously they need a court order as previously stated and the lewis group is owned by Cattles just as Welcome is so passing work from one co to the other send them the letter not to call at your home and to deal with everything in writing only.
  8. sorry ive not been very clear the hsbc took me to court over credit card debt, i made a cpr request for information they never provided anything and nothing happened after that
  9. credit card and overdraft....
  10. Also d o you sign a defence?
  11. Thanks, is there a test case for credit cards or is that the bank charges test case.
  12. Hi, wonder if someone can answer a few questions please. I had two cases where hsbc took me to court, one in July 08 and another in Oct 08. Spoke to Northampton today and both are stayed, first one from last year and Oct 1 from May this year, what are likely to happen to these now? Will they sell the debt on as a simple cca request seems to have stumped them? And can someone tell me the difference between a witness statement and a defence? Many thanks
  13. also the rest of the form please!
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