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  1. I have won. Had a meeting yesterday with the new management of my department and have been re-instated back into my orginal job. Thanks to everyone for their help Regards Witchiepoo
  2. I have won. Came back from holiday on Monday to be greeted with a letter from my new manager asking me to attend a meeting with her and her manager. So with my union rep in tow and ready to do battle off we went. The managers informed me that when I retun to work on Monday it will be to my old job. I would like to thank everybody for their help and an extra big thank you to Bigbearuk Regards Witchiepoo
  3. Hi OrangePrimate Thanks a lot for the information. Printed out the complete judgement and took it with me to a meeting with my managers yesterday. At a previous meeting I had drawn their attention to this case as it is mentioned in the managers handbook, they had obviously done their homework as i did not need to use it and i have been re-instated in my original job. Have made another copy and handed it to my union rep just in case it comes in handy for the future. Thanks for all your help Regards Witchiepoo
  4. Hope there are some legal bods out there that may be able to give me an insight into an old court case and what the rulings mean. The case "Barber v Somerset County Council. In this case a judgement was made and the following principle was set out. It states that "Certified sickness absence due to stress or depression needs to be taken seriously by employers. It requires an enquiry from the employer about the employess problems. I came across this printed in the guidlines for the management of health, safety and welfare issues for NHS staff. I was suprised to find it mentioned as the person mentioned in the case worked for a County Council and not the NHS. The reason I would like information is that at present I work for the NHS and I am signed off of work due to stress. Can anyone tell me anything about this case and if the principle set out is in actual fact law, as when I returned to work i did not even have a back to work interview, was re assigned to a different job and then went off sick again with stress (further details about my case can be found on this employment section, and also under the NHS section under witchiepoo). Be grateful of any help Witchiepoo
  5. Hi I would detail everything that has happened i.e. all conversations and phone calls however trivial they seem as it all goes to form a larger picture of what has been happening Regards Witchiepoo
  6. Sorry I think clavileno you are missisng the point. Anyone be it managers or staff at some point go sick are you saying then that employers have the right to give their jobs to someone else if so i hope you are very healthy Regards Witchiepoo
  7. If I were you I would write it on the form better that than they say at a later date it should have been noted. Also have you written down everything that has been happening to you in a formal statement even if it is only for your own benefit, I have and was suprised that it ran to 5 pages. Regards Witchiepoo
  8. Have just started to read the first posting in which you say should you fight. I am in a similar situation owing to a bullying at work. My first thought like you was to resign and just walk away as I didnt want the aggravation that I thought a complaint would bring. But I then started using this site and was amazed at the support and knowledge of other people. Do as I am doing go for it dont let them win, lets face it at the end of the day even if we lose we have the satisfaction of knowing we at least tried. As my husband always says "Dont get mad, get even". My story is posted under NHS and also under Employment on this site. Chin up, good luck and keep fighting Regards Witchiepoo
  9. I like Gary 29 also took up the free laptop deal. Owing to Orange giving away free laptops back in July I rang AOL to ask for a mac code so that I could transfer to Orange and get a free laptop. During the conversation with AOL their rep told me that they were going to offer the same sort of deal and as I was a loyal customer would I be interested in registering for a laptop with them, fool that I am I said yes. After a few e-mails from them they sent me one saying that they had registered me for the deal. Then strange things started to happen, pop ups started to appear on my screen telling me to accept there Talk Phone Package first I knew that I had supposedly taken out one as far as I was concerned the laptop was supposedly a loyal customer and new customer deal. Have tried talking to customer services with no success at all the thing of "pay peanuts, get monkeys" seems to apply to all their staff, have spent so long on the phone to them must have spent enough money to buy a laptop from Tesco. I am now being told that I am not registered for the deal but have an e-mail dated 29/7 says I am. It appears I am not the only one that is having trouble. Apparantly they have to do a credit search on you for you to be able to receive this offer WHY have already been credit checked when i first joined AOL 3 years ago and if the item is free why do they need the check. Have heard on another site that people are having the same trouble one was turned down for the deal as they had moved to often, another was refused as his partner was a HOUSEWIFE. With this Talk Package which i dont want and had never asked for I have received a number of e mails from Car Phone Warehouse (they are in fact the same company) and on each one the price has been completely different from the one before, one even told me that as where I lived they would have to go through a different subscriber for my broadband it meant the cost would be higher which I found quite strange as I have been living in this house for 10years. Well by the look of it I wont be getting my laptop but they have sent me 2 wireless routers but am not in a hurry to try them as someone I know has so far has had 2 and neither of them worked. Asked AOL at the start of last week for a mac code, 5 days later still not been received. So if you are tempted by this offer think again
  10. witchiepoo

    Knee problems

    Hi Yes its true to say that it is supposed to be 18 weeks BUT that date applies to seeing a consultant for the first time. For the last few years the NHS have worked to what they call "Breach Dates" (the time taken from the date of the ref letter to seeing a consultant), but if that consultant decided they could not offer the care they would write to another consultant who in their opinion could. That letter would then be treated as a new referral and guess what, the government guidelines do not apply to consultant to consultant referrals. Regards Witchiepoo
  11. Thanks Tiglet. Have tried HR the only problem is that when I phoned I spoke to a person who is a friend of the manager that I am going to complain about so i just hung up, dont want to let on at the moment what is going on. Have just typed a statement for the union as to what has been happening so far its 4 pages long Regard Witchiepoo
  12. Hi Has anyone access to the AGNs (guidelines for employment within the NHS). I think I remember reading somewhere that when you return to work after a period of sickness a meeting should be held with management to discuss the reasons for the stress and that you cannot just be redeployed to another job. If you look at previous posting from witchiepoo on this section and also under the NHS section you will understand what is going on. Regards Witchiepoo
  13. If anyone has access to the AGNs (The NHS Employment Guidlines) is it possible for you to tell me the correct procedure that should be followed when you return to work following a period of sick leave owing to stress. I think I remember reading somewhere that a meeting should be held with management to determine the cause of stress and that you should not automatically be transferred to another job. If you see the other posting under witchiepoo and also under employment you will understand what is going on Regards Witchiepoo
  14. Thanks BB My new line manager is trying to sort out what is going on she says she will contact me on either Monday or Tuesday. I will wait and see what she has to say and then contact HR. Witchiepoo
  15. Hi I have now posted another thread under Employment titled Advice on Secondment, as I have been told today in a phone conversation with my new line manager that from September my secondment ends no consultation period or anything. If you are thinking of working for the NHS take my advice DONT Thanks for all your replies under this section Witchiepoo
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