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  1. Thanks Andrew1... the debt dosen't contain charges as far as I'm aware. They did however point blank refuse to take payment. I'm considering sending them a cheque for £150 with a letter with with a break-down of how much I can pay. Considering I'd be able to repay within 4months surely they'd agree???
  2. I called Triton today to make a payment lower then my usaul amount.I have a debt of £900 outstanding. So far I've made payments of £600, £300 & £300.This month I can't afford to pay £300 and offered £150, intending to pay more next month. I was told I couldn't pay them less then the agreed amount. I asked to speak to somebody senior and was told that I was speaking to senior person. I again told them I couldn't afford to make £300 and asked them to take the lower payment they threathen court action. I told them that they were being unreasonable only to be told they were refusing to take
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