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  1. Hi Becca When I last spoke to RAC I repeated my complaint that the policy I had been sold was most definitely not as had been described to me and that I didn't consider their simply repeating to me that the exact details of the cover were in the booklet was an adequate response to my complaint - either on the first occasion or now!! I reminded them that I'd been lied to and that this had been admitted and I also pointed out that Mercedes Benz had confirmed that the part that needs to be replaced WOULD have been covered under their policy. Also that MB were amazed that this part, the immobiliser control unit, is not covered in any policy claiming to be a mechanical breakdown policy!!! Reasonable expectation of an average customer would be that it would be covered - particularly if even people in the industry believe it ought to be. That aside, the main point is that I was lied to. I've today received my written response to that complaint and it simply repeats that the part that is broken is not covered!! This DOES NOT address the problem. Should I escalate the matter through RAC's complaints process - and I can foresee that this will again end up going to FOS - or should I wait until you have had a chance to investigate this?? Barbara
  2. Now that you know what you are dealing with .... The FSA do not investigate complaints - they regulate the industry. The Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) provide an independent service for settling disputes on complaints between customers and insurance companies, banks etc. However, you will have to approach the firm that you want to complain about first of all and make your complaint to them. They then have 8 weeks to settle that complaint to your satisfaction. When they have given you their final decision on your complaint and if you are not happy with that decision, or, if it's sooner, 8 weeks have passed and you still haven't had a final decision from them, you can then refer your complaint to FOS. You can do this online at the following address. our complaints procedure and how to complain Good luck
  3. A further tuppence worth for you all. The action taken may or may not be a breach of law, but it is almost certainly a breach of FSA Principle 6 which requires all financial services firms which are authorised in the UK to "Treat Customers Fairly". Apart from all of the points raised so far, when considering a proposal insurance companies tend to ask whether you have ever had any insurance policy cancelled - without a letter explaining that the policy has been cancelled through no fault of your own this might affect future premiums. This would apply for all types of insurance as this disclosure would have to be made for all types of insurance and not just vehicle. Clearly this is unfair. I'd advise all those affected by this to insist on written confirmation of why it is being cancelled - at the very least!!
  4. Hiya - just joined today and found your note. I have been getting driven mad by these same people for the past 2-3 years . I've tried everything that you have plus blowing a loud whistle down the phone but still it goes on. Did you manage to get it stopped in the end and if so PLEASE tell me what you did?? Thanks Barbara
  5. Becca My email to you was rejected as follows. - The mail titled : RAC Warranty - discussion thread from CAG has not been delivered. We apologise for the non-delivery and suggest that an alternative method of contacting your intended recipient is used. Possible reasons for this are; 1) The email address you used is incorrect or has been changed. 2) The intended recipient no longer works for Norwich Union. 3) The intended recipient is not authorised to receive external email via this route.
  6. Wonderful. I hadn't realised this. Most of my information is at home but I can give you the following. The policy was purchased in October 2006 via the phone. The first breakdown, when I found out that the policy was not as described to me, was in April 2006. Someone from Customer Services called Mr Holland (can't remember his first name) wrote to me confirming they had listened to the call and that I had been given incorrect information. Several letters and calls later I have referred this matter to FOS as it was beyond 8 weeks - they've acknowledged this and apparently applied for the file but nothing else yet. Current problem is being dealt with by Craig Cartlidge in Claims - it was he who said I'd had my 14 days cooling off!! (and even I know that this is irrelevant in these circumstances). He told me he has talked to Customer Services but I don't know who to. He also said the prior issue was being dealt with as a separate issue - I think they are inextricably linked!! Particularly since its because the first problem hasn't yet been resolved that I'm still in this situation. I was about to check Companies House for the names of some Directors to write to but will wait and see what you can do. Not sure if I should put my policy number, contact info etc on this forum - how do I do this? Barbara
  7. Thank you for the offer but could you please explain what your connection with RAC is? Barbara
  8. I purchased one of these policies, top of the range, last October (06). I was told on the phone that it equated with my previous Mercedes Benz Breakdown insurance. In April when I had a breakdown it became obvious that this is not true and when I complained to RAC Warranty and asked them to listen to the call, they admitted, in writing, that I had not been told the truth at the time of the sale. They said they were going to recompense me for this but I have since received nothing. I have since referred this matter to the Financial Ombudsman but the matter is still ongoing. I have now had a further breakdown and this part is also not covered by the RAC policy but would have been covered by the MB policy. When I again discussed this with RAC Warranty they flatly refused to admit any liability and told me that I "had 14 days to cancel the policy at the time of sale" and I hadn't therefore it was my own fault!! I am now hundreds of pounds out of pocket as a consequence of what the firm has admitted were lies on their part and yet I still seem to have hit a brick wall! What's more - I can't afford to cancel this policy and buy the MB policy without the refund of the money for this one and I've been told I'd get no refund. Can anybody help?????? Or can somebody please let me know how I bypass the useless claims and customer service people. PLEASE
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