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  1. I have all the meter readings, and past bills in my account.
  2. Long story cut short. I was paying £57.00 p.m.direct debit to Toto energy before they went bust. I had dual fuel but hardly use any gas as I have a multi fuel burner. Along comes EDF to manage my account. I was then in credit by a large chunk, 2 months later EDF amend my d.d. to £41.00 p.m. Last week, I gave a meter reading for gas and one for electricity. I was previously in credit by around £38.00. This week, I had an email from EDF saying that they were increasing my d.d. in november to £70.00. I was also allegedly
  3. My brother-in-law passed away suddenly a few weeks ago.It left my sister on her own. she has a bank account in her married name.She wants to open up a bank account using her maiden name and use it as a savings account.Can she legally do that now that she is a widow, and what i.d.would she need,like passport, birth certificate etc?.
  4. Can anyone answer this please? According to the Bill Of Rights 1689, Parking Charge Notice's (PCN) are illegally and unlawfully issued. There is a provision in the Bill of Rights Act 1689 which states: "That all grants and promises of fines and forfeitures of a particular person before conviction are illegal and void." It was stated in the case Thoburn v City of Sunderland, the decision commonly referred to as the "Metric Martyrs" Judgment. This was handed down in the Divisional Court (18 February 2002) by Lord Justice Laws and Mr Justice Crane (I will paraphrase, but you may vi
  5. I now know the person who has been saying they do not ever pay council tax, parking fines, gas, electricity bills, tv licence etc. I will not disclose their name. Apparently, the person involved is using the Bill of Rights Act 1688& 1689. I think I have found what they are using. Here is a copied and pasted section:- Provisions of the Act[edit] The Declaration of Right was enacted in an Act of Parliament, the Bill of Rights 1689, which received the Royal Assent in December 1689.[20] The Act asserted "certain ancient rights and liberties" by declaring tha
  6. I have always been suspicious of people wether male or female who claim they do not pay council tax, tv licence , gas/electricity etc.Especially where they claim this law says this, and that law says that etc, which is why when I am asked if a person has to pay coincil tax etc, I say yes.
  7. Several times in the past few years I have been asked whether or not a person legally has to pay council tax? .I have been aware of something called a freeman of the land?. As far as I am aware, council tax is legally to be paid under a 1992 act which name I forgot. I think it is something like the government finance act 1992. Please correct me if i am wrong. I came across a Freedom of information request to Havant county council. The person concerned argued that he is not liable for council tax. The council argued that he is.Here is the askers
  8. A good point that might be worthwhile remembering or looking int I asked for a copy of their planning application to Erewash Borough Council for the signage and ANPR cameras. I also contacted EBC myself asking for NPS's planning application. EBC's reply was that there was and is no planning application submitted to EBC from NPS. NPS themselves brought this up in their POPLA pack, saying they didn't need planning permission to erect their ANPR cameras, unless they installed new ones. Well, I can testify that their camer
  9. The incidences regarding myself, my friend,and a work colleague were all after april 2017, so your cases being march and april 2017, should be invalid as well. If you want to quote me, you can use my name. The best one was my friends Ilona Rigby, which was the one that POPLA ruled against NPS saying their contract was dated april 2017, but as there was no end date on it, POPLA could not say for certain that the contract was ongoing. It had to have an expiry date to it.
  10. I need to sell quickly and look for a bungalow or park home as I was diagnosed with Osteo Arthritis around 4 years ago, and I am starting to struggle to get up and down stairs.And in may this year,I had a seizure, so don't want to risk another seizure whilst coming down stairs.
  11. I haven't instructed a solicitor yet as there have not been any offers on the house. I don't know if the estate agent who has my house up for sale would be able to give me the address of the 2 houses whose owners took HS2 to court.GDPR brerach I would guess. I could hang on until after the review to see if HS2 gets cancelled.Certainly there has not been any engineering or works of any kind in my area,other than cable laying last year.That's it,nothing else so far.
  12. I am just outside of the HS" zone for compulsory purchase. However,I put my house up for sale 4 weeks ago, and have had 2 viewers. Both said they like the house but the threat of HS2 having framework across the road put them off buying my house. I am aware that I can take HS2 to court and get the court judge to (hopefully),force HS2 to purchase my house at market value under the Blight Order. How do I go about starting the process?. Which court would the case go to?. Am i best enlisting a claims specialist with success in this field?.
  13. Hi Stu007.The work colleague had no previous/existing faults when he took the policy out.Apparently,the company have tried [causing problems] a lot of customers like this. Many thanks to all for their input.The colleague has drafted a Notice Before Action to the company.he has also asked his card issuer to refund him under the Consumer Credit Act.They have asked for a copy of his contract. I will update as and when he gives me any more info.
  14. NOT SURE IF THIS IS THE CORRECT SECTION SO MODS.,PLEASE MOVE TO CORRECT SECTION IF NEEDED. A colleague at work paid a one off yearly fee of £183.48 to a company called 24/7 Home Rescue. This is for cover in the event of any breakdown on boiler, plumbing, drainage, electrical, Central Heating Systems, pest control etc. it is for anything to do with the home. The benefits include No charges for parts, No charges for labour, No call out fee, unlimited call outs, unlimited claims etc. Fast forward to 1 breakdown of a radiator being completely cold. A call was made to the co
  15. After all the investigation was done,the charge of Threatening Behaviour was abandoned, and the charge of Staff Disharmony was created instead. The charge of bringing the company into disrepute still stood, and I was disciplined for those 2 "Offences", to apepar before the Service Delivery Manager yesterday,(friday 27th July). As well a sseveral documents, from solicitors, police forces, and a case study, I went in with the Union top man and presented my case. The charge of bringing the company into disrepute was abandoned, due to what I produced, as well as using an excerpt from With
  16. There are also plenty of cases where an employee has won a case of unfair dismissal at tribunal, and at an appeal by their employer as well.There ar eloads of cases in Selwyns Employment Law Book, which I have at my disposal.
  17. There are no bus companies based at Friar Lane.However,there are 3 companies who use Friar lane.TrentBarton,Yourbus(dunn motor traction), and Marshalls.
  18. Borisbeaver,the issue concerns a colleague/ colleagues, and was aimed at such, not at the employer.Nor was it concerning the employer. And as Bazooka Boo states, "people will always read far too much into it and will always make assumptions".That is exactly what someone has done.Misconstrued it entrely.
  19. So you are saying that warning a colleague that if he/she fails to legally record any defects on the defect card which is a legal document,that you will report them is bullying threatening behaviour??. If I had said,if.....etc etc,I will get someone to kill you, or set your house on fire, or beat you up on a dark night, then yes that is threatening behaviour, but warning someone of the consequences of not filling a defect card out properly is not threatening behaviour.Where is the threat in that?
  20. Borisbeaver,How can this be bringing the company into disrepute when it was my own personal opinion of 2 members of staff?.The company has not been mentioned, nor any of the management, nor any names,(although I did mention 2 cleaners). I have been looking at Witham v Club24,where an employee won her case against dismissal.
  21. I got into work today to be told that the company has received 2 complaints, and that they are suspending me on full pay whilst they are investigating the complaint. I think it all stems from a post I put on facebook.Here is the post:- So,a particular driver thinks my brother is talking all the time at Friar Lane does He?.Considering my brother cleans more buses than the other 2 cleaners,you are incorrect,and have failed to secure any brownie points.If you think you are clever being a grass, then read this......I am a bigger grass than you.You better be careful now, because I will be gu
  22. Here is what I looked up on Wikipedia..... The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (EU) 2016/679 is a regulation in EU law on data protection and privacy for all individuals within the European Union (EU) and the European Economic Area (EEA). It also addresses the export of personal data outside the EU and EEA areas. The GDPR aims primarily to give control to citizens and residents over their personal data and to simplify the regulatory environment for international business by unifying the regulation within the EU.[1] Superseding the Data Protection Directive 95/46/EC
  23. I think the taxi firm were sending a message out to the public..... ."Don;t get the bus, get a taxi"...… I too believe there is a breach of GDPR, but wanted to be absolutely certain, which is why i have posted on here for expert(hopefully) advice....... I am aware that the bus company are seeking tp pursue the assailant on the roof of the bus for damage to the roof of the 1 year old bus.
  24. Not sure if this is the correct forum,but it's the only 1 closest to my query, it involves an employee. Last week when England knocked out Colombia, there were fans congregating in a town center , blocking the road, and 2 buses were blocked in. Several dozen fans were converging on one of the buses which was immediately outside the pub., rocking it, opening the entrance doors via the outside emergency door button. The driver attempted 3 or 4 times to gently shove a few fans off. 1 fan actually got onto the roof and was jumping on the roof. A harrowing exp
  25. Not sure if this is the correct section to post in,but could only find this to be the nearest to my question.Mods,please move it if needed. Basically,the workers rejected the company pay offer,and were balloted for industrial action.The management imposed the wage rise and included it in each persons wage this week,going against Union protocol. I have a copy of the companys financial report covering the last 5 years.Would it be illegal to put this report in the union cabinet/notice board?.Would a data protection breach happen?.
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