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  1. Me again forgot to mention my bad typing i have a plaster cast on up to my arm pit as i fell and chipped a bone in my elbow. Would have done more serious graphics but am typing with one hand. xx
  2. Happy New Year And yes i have just sobered up. I have just come back from my 40th birthday bash with the girls in Tenerife and there is a most welcome deposit of £2000 in my bank account and a lovely letter from the FOS saying that the Halifax have agreed to stump up my money.....I have won..and it couldn't have been at a better time. I was beginning to lose all hope of getting money back. I can only thank everyone for their support and i nice wee thank you card is going to the FOS. I am going to enjoy spending my money. Good luck to you all and i hope they get the sh*t kicked out off them at court.
  3. Hi Michael123 Was wondering how things went at court yesterday? Was keeping my fingers crossed for you.
  4. Hi Michael123 Just a wee note to say good luck for 24/09. Was in at court on Thursday on business and happened to ask how things were going with bank charges and the wee guy in the box told me that all cases were stayed... Hope that is not the case and you have wasted your time and energy.. I will be keeping my fingers crossed for you. What time do you have? I might come in and give you a bit of support.
  5. Hello again, Just a quick update. Got letter from FOS to say they had my statements and they will be in touch. Hope its not long as i'm skint and christmas is not that far away...
  6. Hi Michael23 I live in Greenock and spoke to a lady at the court who told me that they have never had a bank show up. They have had papers filed to say that the case should not have been heard as it was filed under the wrong rule and the Judge ruled against the banks. Is it under £750 you are claiming for?
  7. Take your time spending it....and enjoy..........Congratulations....
  8. Just to add Greenock Sheriff Court is business as usual. The lady who i spoke to today was positivley encouraging me to file. The banks have not defended in this court yet. It would be a change to court life if once in a while it wasn't a murderer, drug dealer or thief that took up their time in this wild west town...
  9. Just skoke to Greenock Sheriff Court postively encouraging you to file claim. Gave me web page and fee amount. Any that have been heard at Greenock won as bank did not defend. Lady i spoke to was very helpful she was just pleased not to be dealing with the usual murderers, drug dealers and thieves in this wild west town...
  10. It was the FOS who contacted me after the stay was in place. They phoned me at home and I told them that i was not happy with the offer and they then told me to send in all statements to them. They implied that as i had an offer there maybe something they could do for me. Fingers crossed.
  11. Thank you all for your support will keep you posted. How long do you think i should give it before contacting FOS, or do you think i should just let them get on with it?
  12. Think someone at the HBOS has been watching to much Deal or No Deal . Hope im not the first to go home with not even a £1
  13. Thanks for the support and quick replies. I have re-read the offer letter from HBOS and at the bottom it does state " For customers for whom Scotland is the most likely jurisdication, your right to refer your complaint to the Finacial Ombudsman Scheme will not be affected. The FOS provides a convenient alternative to the courts, and is free for consumers. However, if you nonetheless wish to continue your claim through the courts in Scotland, you may wish to seek advice " When you telephone the customer relations line they do not tell you this, they state that all claims are on hold until the test case. They do not have separate information for Scottish claims. I have decided not to be put off, they owe me this money and i want it back....But fingers crossed that the FOS can come out fighting for me..
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