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  1. Thanks for the reply, however it does not really address my problem. Sorry if I haven’t explained it clearly. The issue I have though is that although the new company is calling it a TUPE transfer, we have to apply for and be interviewed for jobs, which they have advertised on their internal website. We have been told that we do have priority on this jobs over their current internal staff, but we are not guaranteed a job. If we apply for but are unsuccessful the interview stage, we are eligible for statutory redundancy. Therefore, we are not ‘automatically transferred as employees of the company’ if we have to apply and have a job interview. We have asked what would happen if we do not apply for these jobs, they have refused to answer this question, but have hinted that we would effectively be resigning on our own accord. In addition, if we are successful at interview and manage to get a job, only our years of service and holiday entitlement would remain the same. Our other T’s&C’s would be changed which includes our salaries. I would like some info from those in the know, is this a fair TUPE? Or are they bending the rules here by operating this way? If they are not following the TUPE regs, is there any action I can take? Thanks in advance.
  2. Hello, I am hoping someone can offer me some advice on a situation I currently find myself in. I work for a company who is subcontracted, and we have been told that this work will now be taken in-house. We have been informed that we will be TUPE’d over to the company who is taking the work over. Now my understanding of TUPE regulations is that the new company needs to offer a position to me with the same salary, terms and conditions etc. and I understand that some T’s&C’s might have to be changed due to ETO?? However, we have been told that there are a list of job vacancies available, but we need to apply for them and attend an interview to determine if we are successful in winning the role. If we do get a job then years of service and holiday entitlement remain the same, but all other T&C’s including our salary will change. If we do not manage to get a job then we would be eligible for statutory redundancy. We also know that the jobs offered are not in the same line of business that I currently work in. The new job roles will be purely sales based, which I have never done before, and therefore am worried about being interviewed for a role I know nothing about, and my chances of success at getting a job (there are not enough jobs to go round for everyone) My question is, is this a fair TUPE transfer? Or are they trying to avoid the TUPE regulations? Is there anything I can do if this is unfair? Or am I overreacting? I have tried looking online at a few legal websites, but I’m just getting myself confused with all the jargon. Any help and advice on this is greatly appreciated.
  3. yes they do have the power to fine you under the Water Industry Act 1991
  4. I'd just like to point out that United Utilities and Utility Warehouse are two separate company's. It is not 'United Utilities Warehouse' as Pnuts seems to think. If you are going to make wild accusations, please get the company name right at least.
  5. They haven't refused her time off. The employers have allowed 4 hours for the appointment, and advised her to take sick leave the following day if she is feeling unwell. I fail to see where the employer is acting unfairly here.
  6. You're friend was given time off for treatment though, 4hours for the appointment. If you're too ill to work phone in sick the next day and risk the written warning or approach your HR department requesting unpaid leave. You can't be sacked for being too ill to work. They can however, sack you for having too many instances of absences within a short space of time, but even then they have to follow certain procedures which takes time, and then you can appeal. I think you are reading too much into this.
  7. Most places of work will allow 4 hours for dental/hospital/doctors appointment etc, any other time off will be classed as sick. Unless you can take it as a holiday or unpaid leave? In all honesty though, i would just call in sick and enjoy a day off!
  8. Hi Guys, Ive been receiving a high volume of calls from random people asking to speak to 'the manager' and becoming quite irate when I inform them that they have actually dialed a residential property. I did a Google search of my telephone number and was horrified to find that several websites are using my number incorrectly as the contact number for a pub! How can I ensure my landline number is taken down from these websites? I have contacted each one via their web forms, but have received no reply. Would it be easier to just ask BT for a new number? When I set up the account with BT I specifically requested ex-dir! I have no idea how these sites have obtained my number!
  9. The gas leak and subsequent explosion was caused by a poorly maintained gas main pipe. Thats National Grids responsibility so I would start there for Compensation. You can claim for loss of electricity supply if its more then 24 hours, but it depends on the circumstances. Unfortunately in this case, the fire to the pylon was caused by the leaking gas, and not any fault on the Distributors part. Therefore i think it will be unlikely you will get compo for the loss of electricity. But i would defo put the pressure on National Grid, if you are serious about seeking compensation.
  10. The Keys for the meters are all colour coded, so keys for BG will be one colour and Npower a different one. (sorry I do not know who owns the orange/blue ones) if you find out which supplier owns the orange keys, at least then you will have an idea as to whom has been receiving your payments. Once you know which supplier it is, im sure all payments are logged somehow but this is not my expertise area, and I'm sure someone with a bit more knowledge will be along shortly.
  11. as far as im aware, the token meters are to be phased out so you will be unable to obtain the tokens from the outlets. This is why they are all being replaced with key meters. Thats what i've heard anyway so could be wrong about this. It is probably circumstantial that this is happening at the same time as your dispute. However, if the account is in dispute, I'd refuse the exchange from taking place until it is all sorted, as the meters that are removed are usually destroyed or recycled making it impossible to use as evidence and to back up your claim.
  12. I know this forum is for consumer issues, but I would just like to tell you all of the fantastic service I received when I signed up with o2 broadband. Not only is it the cheapest ive come across (£7.50 a month unlimited for o2 mobile phone contract holders, £12 without) but it also offers a free phone 0800 24 hours help line. (which I have not yet had to use) It took 6 days from ordering to installation, and o2 kept me up to date the whole time via sms text messages to my mobile. I could even text them back to change my delivery date of my wireless box! It arrived on the correct day and within the requested time band. Installation was simple and easy and I've not yet had any problems. If you are thinking of changing ISP's I would definitely recommend o2. And before you say it, no I do not work for o2, but on a forum board that is full of issues and shocking examples of service, I thought it would be nice to mention the companies that actually value customer service and get it right.
  13. Hi, My working week consists of 2 early shifts, and 3 late ones one week, then the next week 3 earlies and 2 lates. When I tried to book 2 weeks off for my holiday, I was told that I could only have the holidays if I found someone to cover my late shifts. If I cant find my own cover, I'm unable to book holidays. Thing is, everyone hates the late shift and getting someone to agree to cover is a very rare event indeed! Can they do this? This is not in my contract and in 4 years of working with this company has never been an issue before. Surely you are entitled to take your holidays whenever (within reason) Is this the case of a lazy manager not doing his duties in rearranging the rota? or can they actually enforce this? Any advice greatly appreciated.
  14. I may be wrong about this, but if I was in your situation, I would argue that the fire should have become the Housing Trust's responsibility when the new tenancy started, regardless of whether they replaced or left the fire installed, as you have no control as to what previous tenants installed. Ensure all gas equipment (including any appliance left by a previous tenant) is safe or otherwise removed before re-letting - quoted from HSE - Gas: Domestic Gas health and safety - The Law I also found this on the Trafford Housing Trust webpage: In all cases, the full cost of the work will have to be paid by you and completion, the physical structure becomes the property of the Trust for all future repairs and maintenance. (Repairs and Improvements) Therefore, I would hold the Housing Trust liable for reimbursing/paying cost of repairs or replacements, especially in the case of a vulnerable tenant like your Nanna, as they do have a duty of care. I would send a nice letter to the trust explaining her vulnerability and the above points and see how they respond. However, i would like to point out that these are my own arguments and how I go about it if I was in the same situation. like I said at the start of my post, I may be wrong. Hope this helps!
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