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  1. thanks sidewinder we were told to take our holiday prior to our leaving date and as i had taken none prior to my notice and the companies holiday year is jan-decwould mean i would have to take my holiday during my notice period i think therefore i would have only had 11 weeks notice and one weeks holiday any thoughts essexboy
  2. hi jdene been in the same boat and due to personal reasons have left the forum have knocked back every dca and to date welcome have nt pursued my case through the courts back now and in a position to challenge them secret commission does exist and not only do i have a document for my car i also have a document that looks remarkably like a specimen docoument for training essexboy
  3. hi thanks postjji and sidewinder for your advice i have spoken to my employer and they have confirmed the company will close on the expected closure date (this is the first time as previously they have always maintained they were trying to continue trading) they have given me a forecast as to what happens nxt and stated my redundancy will be paid seperate to my salary by cheque a week after my final salary payment (this is apprx ten days after i leave, which seems reasonable) my employer has been in my opinion (rightly or wrongly) been sincere despite lack of claririty u
  4. hi any comments would be most appreciated
  5. hi all I am currently 10 weeks into my 12 week statutory notice period. i work for a small company that has seven employees that include the director and his wife and more recently thier son. We was informed in September 2010 the company was allegedly losing money due to the high cost of running the business and the comnpanies position would be reviewed in January, afterxmas 2010. At the begining of January 2011 we were collectivelly told the situation had not changed and a planned closure was scheduled for April 8th 2011 would be implemented. The company has complied
  6. thank you sidewinder i beleive notice can be retracted and if this is the case and i dont stay with my employer i could lose my redundancy what prevents my employer giving notice then retracting on numerous occasions
  7. i have recently been given notice of redudancy prior to this i was given a provisional calcuklation of redundancy pay the cosultation period has passed and and tyhe calculation given was subject to change i have been told by my employer that statutory redundancy is subject to "dpi index" never the less my question is when is redudancy calculated either: date of notice or end of notice date i ask this question as my employer has stated stautory notice is £380/wk and subject to change in feb . they state it cold rise but also fall and the information th
  8. ok thanks for that i am not disputing his right of sale just the manner he chosen to adopt why would the employer put his intentions in writing and then demand the return of the document as they have stated they did not have to do this and with regards to the staff handbook do they have to comply with the request for a copy or is the fact it is readily available within the company suffecient. essexboy
  9. no its regarding my written response regarding their letter of intention to sell tyhe business including the confidentiality request or my request for a copy of this letter or the fact i requested a copy of the staff handbook i was rather hoping that someone could give a general overview to confirm or refute what has occurred so it prepare me for the meeting to either confirm or refute what is said is true essexboy
  10. my employer is looking to sell his business for personal reasons and made myself aware of this decision verbally two weeks ago last week he put his decision in writing and included a confidentiality clause within the letter which he asked me to sign i was also told that this was to safeguard his sale of the business and the confidentiality clause was within the staff handbook he was most insistant that the signed document was return that afternoon and promised he would provide a copy of the document i did not sign and the document was susequently taken from my possession
  11. this is not a condition of employment and was originally accepted on the request of the foreman i have gained responsibility throughout the company over the last twelve years and would like to relinquish some of my responsibility towards the co as i feel i am being taken advantage of essexboy
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