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  1. Good thought - anybody know the CEO's Home Address? Those local to him / her can drop the unwanted mail round personally?
  2. Can anybody think of a way of public humiliation that can go onto Facebook, Twitter etc? Hopefully then it might go viral if the idea is good enough. An example of public humiliation working can be the complaint to United Airlines - I think about for low cash limits for items broken when taken off passengers to go into an aircraft's hold for the flight. I thnk it showed baggage handlers throwing lots of "valuable" items around, dropping and breaking them. When it went viral on Youtube, United Airlines was humiliated in public, changed its behaviour and gave sensible money to the passenger whose goods they had broken whilst goods were in United's care. The first thing that comes to mind is if people were to make a little video clip of what they do with the unwanted mailing addressed to the "Occupier". It could be of a video of the envelope going through the shredder, or the black rubbish bin outside. I did consider showing it used for toilet paper - but OUCH! The shredded version could be used as cat's litter perhaps? Even better if the cat refuses to pee on it? Has that got anybody's creative juices flowing yet ....... ?
  3. I am in the process of booking a holiday to the USA 07-17 August this year. I have heard the view that the volcano has erupted and today is continuing to cause problems. However there is no known dates to close the airspace during August. It is like booking with BA and hoping to travel without dispruption in the next month. The strikes are a known event, but travel beyond this date is fine. Some Insurers are dealing with the cloud as "bad weather". If they refuse claims due to the ash cloud, then does that mean that if a hurricane strikes again (say), because it has happened before, then "hurricanes" are un-insurable as 1 has happened in the past? That is not the case. Now if the volcano's eruption is severely reduced or stops, that is good for all. What has to happen for the insurers to say that the future problem is a "separate incident"? Does anybody know of any good insurers who will stand by their customers and get them home with food and a roof over their heads paid for? FYI I am flying with USA's United Airlines. And apologies if this has been dealt with elsewhere - just hyperlink me.
  4. I did have that in mind which is why I cashflowed for the worst eventuallity. However their telephone message made no mention of "BT Account" or "bank account"; it was just "your account". They just weren't clear enough.
  5. BT on Friday phoned and said that the cancellation charges have been removed fro the bill and they will only take the remaining balance from the account. On Monday they Direct Debit the whole amount -including the cancellation Charges!!! :mad: WELL DONE BT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Monthly bill has just come in - WITH Cancellation Charges!! Have instantly e-mailed BT back saying they need to re-issue the bill corrected! Will have to see how they react over the next few days. I will keep you all informed.....!
  7. Now off the unlimited E+W without cancellation penalties :) and on the contract free unlimited weekends!! and have reference number. The lovely lady on the phone was not at all pushy and did the work immediately. Now to work on who gets my ADSL, landline and mobile custom.
  8. Thank you for posting the above. Can you name (or give us the iplayer link to? ) the BBC programme?
  9. I have a 12 month contract for BT’s unlimited Evenings & Weekends package that I started in October 2009. They have just announced that from 01st April “evening” will start from 7PM rather than 6PM. Also they fail to see why BT subscribers are upset about this and wish to be let out of the contract without penalty. I have had some correspondence with them already on this and have got the point where BT acknowledge paragraph 48 of their own Terms and Conditions. BT.com | Personal | Terms & Conditions Paragraph 48 is about a change being “material disadvantage” and in such a case they would allow an exit route without penalties. They have reviewed my invoices since January and see I have made 13 calls between 6-7PM to local landlines, yet they say “therefore as the change of times within your calling plan are not to your "material disadvantage" the penalty charges will be maintained if you wish to downgrade” They can see I have used the service between 6-7PM and I did not at those time know I had to account for my usage in the 1st hour compared to the rest of the evening! Why didn’t they say these new terms will become applicable when I am invited to sign up to a new contract in the Autumn of 2010? They are moving the goalposts mid season. :-? If come April the first I pick up the phone and call landlines national or local before 7PM, I will have to pay, so I feel this is a “Material Disadvantage” and I want out of this calling plan without penalty. What does anybody suggest please? And apologies if this is discussed elsewhere please refer me to it.
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